Considering the switch to tri



  • That you really want to do it is enough , there are 2200 reasons why on the start line....

    Swim 2.4 mls Bike 112 mls Run 26.2 miles , brag for the rest of your life ....

    Go on you know you want to .....

  • I've watched all the videos I can find on youtube... I'm so so tempted. I get a grant in November through uni, and I can see many ways to spend it....
  • do the one in nottingham, it's just down the road from you.  i think there will be a big pirate presence there.
  • Just sign up and worry about it later! I did my first IM this year and can't wait to do the next one. Each to their own but I was stunned how much I enjoyed the training as much as the event itself.

    If you are interested I put all the pictures I could find into a vid on my blog - part as a good memory and part as inspiration to others after IMCH this year. You can find it here

    JD -- hope you and the family are well! 

  • Like the blog bedders, looked great to be part of was that your first?
  • SE I have only been running really since the beginning of this year and was interested in doing Tri's and this lot convinced me to sign up for IM which I have in Roth next year. Cant wait to get my swimming lessons and get my bike to start my training image
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