Thanet Coastal 10

Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭

Looks like I can do this race if hubby will drive me there image



  • Yay Tracey be good to see you - I have ordered a gentle breeze with winter sunshine this year image
  • JFDI - as long as it is not as windy as your 25th Anniversary race lol.
  • Is this race going to have online entry via RW?  If not how can I go about about getting an entry form SF?


  • Should have online entry that boy - if not you can download a form from the Thanet Roadrunners website.
  • That's brilliant thanks JFDI - you have to be the most helpful TRAC person I have come across (bless).  Mind you, if you are not right about the weather on the Thanet 10 day I will come looking for you image

    I LOVE THE THANET 10.......


  • Awww shucks TBSIARFimage
  • JFDI image -

    If I can find Chest Bill I might sign up for club membership prior to the 10 (not that I can run it in 65 anymore (like I used to) reckon the boy might give me a discount being later in the year?

  • I think there will be a discount as the membership year runs April-March I think.
  • Thanks JFDI - it seems to me the club is very popular and numbers are growing eh?  I passed Derek's running group the other Sunday morning and there seemed to be a cast of thousands - didn't see you though JFDI (expect you was still sleeping early Sunday morning image )


  • That Boy - I did the Hospice 5k instead!  RW online entries are open for the 10 I just checked.
  • JFDI - good for you!!  Only pulling your leg.........image  Was there an age limit for the 5k do you know?  It's just I'm sure I saw some youngsters with numbers?  Thanks for the nod re: Thanet 10.

     TBSIARF xx

  • Don't think there was an age limit - TRAC Jamie won it and he's 17 and i was beaten by several of Derek's youngsters!
  • I used to train with Derek (and Clive in those days) with the youngsters 17/18 on Tuesday nights.  Being the old man of the group I was certainly challenged but managed to show them a thing or two (every now and then after several "red bulls" and numerous lucozade sweets!)

    oh...those were the days.......I'm still plodding along at the moment........image

  • Yay just found out that the Ditton Turkey Trot is 13th December so doesn't clash with our 10!!  A great event about 7 miles cross country with a Santa hat on and its an afternoon startimage
  • Just found this thread immediately after opening mine. That Boy, membership drops to 6 quid from 1st October.
  • Quite tempted to do this, as need something to motivate me.  I had entered the Royal Parks Half but bailed out as didn't do any training.  I can only do about 3 miles at the mo, will I have enough time to train and get my mileage up?
  • Cathy W go for it.  You've still got a fair few weeks and there is a real mixed bunch of runners who do this - its very friendly too!
  • Cathy - go for it. It is a nice pre-christmas race a must. 

    JFDI - I need a day pass from hubby to enter this one. Maybe you can talk him into letting me do it at Beachy image How is your training going? There is the all important sausage rolls and cake eat to take into account.

  •'ll be pleased to know that I have filed in the entry form for this one and will take it in to club meeting on Wed. I need a race to run between now and the New Year!! Having never run a 10 mile as a race ....................whatever I do will be a PB!!!!
  • Tracey G - I'll tell hubby I've already entered you how about that!image  Been doing loads of training - well loads of eating image  Just hoping to get round - we're going to get there early as the walkers can start whenever so we can wave at you speedies as you pass us! 
  • Thanks, but I looked at the trains from Ashford and it's fine getting to Margate, but then there's over half an hour wait for the train to the nearest station, or would it be easy enough getting a cab?
  • CathyW you could easily get a cab - I'd be able to drop you back to Margate afterwards by car if you like - can't offer to pick you up as I'm on late entriesimage
  • Thanks JFDI, I'm definitely tempted, I'll have a think.
  • cathyw...........I'll happily come down to Margate and pick you up if you like??
  • You're all so kind!  I'll have to decide if I'm going to put the training in and not waste my money (like I just did for the Royal Parks Half). 
  • cathyw - The Weald of Kent 10 is a lovely race.

    JFDI - Bernard has a walkers number and is now going to do it with me, so we will be starting at 9am. He did a 20 mile run/walk on the Jog Shop Jog route on Saturday and his legs are still suffering. He rode his bike to and from work yesterday but he said he had no power in this quads. So today he has gone by car as he is doing a 40 mile bike ride with friends from Bearsted on Saturday.

    Better get ready for my massage.

  • Tracey G if you catch us up and he's suffering he can walk with me and Hells.  Will have rucksack full of goodies for the bits in between the food stationsimage
  • JFDI How far is this jaunt you are going on, is it the Beachy Head ?
  • CB it is indeed - If you're interested Slappit may have a walkers place going and you can join usimage
  • Not that i would have been doing it anyway, but it is the same weekend as the Great South Run which I am doing in Portsmouth
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