Bullock Smithy Hike

I know of a few who are doing this. I thought it was about time we had a thread so we don't have to feel guilty about hijacking other threads to discuss it.

What weather do you think we'll get this year? I was banking on a return to the more familiar dry and balmy conditions.

I hope everyone's got their routes sorted out from all the recces mentioned in other threads.

This year I'll be marshalling, most likely at Walker Barn at 10 miles from the finish. I'll probably be hovering at the start before and afterwards as well.


  • Come on, where are all you Hikers? I know you're out there and it's almost upon us.
  • Hi BritNick. Didn't know there was a thread for this one. Well done on TMB.

    See you at walker barn. Hope to come in with a group as not wanting to have to wait to be put into one.

    Weather forecast doesn't look too bad. Will prob be very wet underfoot though, bit like last year !!!

  • tsk. Misread the title and wondered "What's he done NOW?!"
  • I can't imagine what you mean Jj image
  • I saw the Hikers off at midday today. It's a big turn-out. Live progress updates are on the BSH website.

    Pictures I've taken so far up to the start are here.

    I'll be off again later to help out at the penultimate checkpoint at Walker Barn, 10 miles from the finish. Weather's looking good (dry at least).

    Latest blog update: http://ultraploddernick.blogspot.com/

  • That was a special event, the organisation and the helpers were outstanding, are all the ultra type things the same, again nice to meet you BN and SP.

    Starting to stiffen up a bit, but already thinking what next image

  • Hi Tom, good to see you yesterday. Reckon next fell race I'll be doing will be windgather.  Yeah, ultra events tend to be friendlier than other events, one of big things particularly with the BS is the checkpoints and the food you get. IDespite doing it last year, I turned up with a bag og gels, jelly babies, snickers, peanut bars etc and didn't have any of them.

    If you've not been pointed that way before the LDWA events are marvellous too, checkpoints with cheesy oatcakes, malt loaf etc in and normally big meal at the end of it.

  • Jj wrote (see)
    tsk. Misread the title and wondered "What's he done NOW?!"
    image Me too!! image
  • I thought it was Smithy's version of Man -v- Horse/Train, didn't dare look in ....
  • Who's on for this on the 3/4th September 2011 this year?

    Should be a crackerimage first time attempt for me.
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