Training for Ultras

Have just sent off my entry for the two bridges race in August (35 miles). It's my first ultra - has anyone got any experience or tips for training that they'd care to pass on?


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  • hi penfold - i think timothy rainey is the unofficial ultra forumite

    heres his member page so u can send him a message to bring this thread to his attention
  • Thanks Road Runner, my wife's just had a good laugh!!
    Hello Penfold, I did the 2 Bridges last year. I've only done it once but my first ultra was the 2Oceans in Capetown over about the same distance.
    The 2 Bridges is an excellent race. I really enjoyed it, and don't forget the party afterwards. So save some energy!!!
    The training for a race like that is very similar to marathon training really. When I did the 2Oceans I hadn't even heard of it 1 week before I did it but was training for the London marathon. At that time I'd run 2 marathons and I'd been a runner for 2 1/2 years.
    At the 2 Bridges I'd suggest you take your own drinks. Use the small (300ml?) bottles with sports caps you can get, number them and put them in the trays the organisors provide-they take them to the drinks stations. Instructions will be provided.
    The first 20 miles are flat then it gets hilly so take it easy (I mean in the first 20).
    Last year I finished in 5:33, struggling in the hills because I didn't have any energy.
    Despite that it was a good day.
    I think (if you've managed to read to the bottom of this) any other advice would depend on your normal training and how your marathons go.
    I'm not doing 2Bridges this year but I know Ian Spencer from Stratford who did London to Brighton last year is doing it.
  • eeeek... the thought of ultra is haunting me... just can't get away from it.

    better do a few more marathons first tho

    rest assured you'll all know when i'm silly enough to enter one
  • count me in
    Well, in about 3 years time
    need time to improve
  • That's the spirit
  • Thanks Timothy, I'm training quite well at the moment (50+ miles a week) and intend to keep that up. I want to enjoy the day but am a bit worried as I haven't done anything like this distance before. Thanks for the advice about the drinks, I'll do that
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    Anyone know of any nice ultras - I mean pleasant scenery etc but not involving the use of navigational skills ? Something 30-50 miles would do.
  • The Compton Downland challange 40 mile trail race is well marked. That is to say, I got round hardly needing to check the route and I'm seriously navigationally challanged.
    That was in march near Newbury
  • Count me in too, in about 10 years' time when the kids are old enough for me to train properly.
  • Popsider - I'm doing the Downland 30 mile challenge at the end of July as my first attempt at running over marathon distance. It's mostly following the South Downs Way, so a bit 'undulating', but easy to navigate and gorgeous views.
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