Marathon training - holiday question


 i'm Going Goofy at Walt Disney World in Jan 2010.

 For folk who don't know that is  a half marathon on the Saturday followed by the full on the Sunday.Bit you get 3 medals (I'm like Muttley MEDAL! MEDAL! MEDAL!)

Anyway next week I'm camping for 5 days at Greenbelt - a festival at Cheltenham Racecourse.

I'll be on the 2nd week of my training by then.  I'm doing Hal Higdon's intermediate 1 prog because it has all weekend back to back runs to mimic the Goofy.

But next week I'm away from Thursday to Tuesday morning and am not sure what to do about the training. It should be 3 miles on Thurs which is OK because I can do it before I leave for the festival. Friday is a rest day so that's OK. Monday is cross training so walking briskly around the site will do for that.

But please help me out -  what shall I do about the 5 miles I'm supposed to do on Saturday and the 9 miles I'm supposed to do on Sunday?

I really don't want to run that mileage while I'm there - I'm a volunteer and can't guarantee I'd get a shower after my run so I don't want to be feeling hot, sweaty and disgusting while I'm fulfilling my volunteer role. I'm on the taxi team so I'll have people sitting next to me in the golf buggies we use!

What would you do?

A) Switch the back to back to Tuesday/Wednesday and assume that the walking around the quite large site will be enough to make up for the missed 5/3 miles.


B) Stick to the schedule and just miss the days I'm away?

I did the full marathon last year but was very much a beginner following the Non Runners schedule. Next time I really want to be fitter and stronger. I'm 45 and female by the way - in case it makes any difference to your answers.

Thanks - sorry it is a long post.


  • way2slowway2slow ✭✭✭
    WDW - wouldn't worry about missing 5 days of the plan this early on.....most people tend to miss a week or so with illness / hols anyway.
  • Thanks way2slow  image
  • Skip...plenty of time to make up and save on the stress. If you have got facilities, get up when you can and do what you can, even if just 1/2/3 miles each day, but enjoy the weekend as a minimum, it won't hurt as long as it does not become a habitimage
  • WDW

    either fit in a mile or so when you can OR just for go 5 days training - don't worry about it

    easy for me to talk i know -

    wishing you well


  • Thanks Stray Celt and Mick.

     I will just enjoy the camping and forget about running. The site is quite large and I'll be doing a fair amount of walking so hopefully that will help.

     Thanks guys,


  • Hi WDW - I missed about 5 days of training ( wk 5 of marathon schedule). Basically there was nothing I could do about it so just picked up the schedule where I left off on my return. I don't think there's been any lasting damage........I'm back on track with wek 7 and everything seems ok. image
  • Thanks ladyfe.

     I guess it will all be OK.

  • Five days will make no odds at all, I missed 4 weeks with Pneumonia during my build up to Dubai Marathon last year, then with a truncated 8 week build up still ran a stonking PB. Sometimes a rest is beneficial
  • Cheers Dave.  image
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