Speed Walking vs. Running

Sitting here (on my day off) watching the World Championship 50km on TV. The men hit the 20km mark in 88 mins. That is approximately 45 mins for a 10k.  If I ran a 10k in that time, i'd be estatic. I was also thinking that as one foot needs to be on the ground at all times, it's a low impact exercise and therefore no knee injuries. All the injuries I've had are knee related. Any thoughts?


  • The only thought I have about speed walking, is that they all look like they've shat themselves!!!!
  • The waddle is not very pretty I agree but it works and probably  tones your abs as well.

  • And means you need a double hip replacement by the time you're 25 by the looks of things....image
  • it's a bizarre sport and they move damn fast.....

    have you ever tried speedwalking?? it's damn hard to do it correctly - much easier to run imho.......
  • Approximately I said Zanzinger but point taken image

    Hip replacements combined with really toned bum cheeks Liverbird.

  • Toco Toucan wrote (see)

    Hip replacements combined with really toned bum cheeks Liverbird.

    *ponders if the trade off is worth it* image

    I do know an exceptional surgeon....image

  • there was a speed walker that i spoke to before my poncey desert stroll, he was also doing it and hoping to be very competive, he believed that the speed walking would be more efficient over the long run. he seemed less confident of his theory by the end of the week though!

    I think i remember him saying that his 10k pb was about 44 mins, walking obviously. I'm sure his 1 mile time was something crazy, just inside 7 minutes maybe?

  • Its quite fast thats true - but for petes sake - just run !

    Seems a bit of a silly event - we could also do the 'gaily skipping along 10k' as well.

    I know the race walkers will come on and kick me for this - but they'll prob get DQ'd for their feet leaving the floor - so I may get away with it.
  • Cougie - I will marshall the event that sees you "gaily skipping along" even if it's in Auckland! image
  • I can't watch for much longer than a few minutes as I end up laughing too much. Sorry.

    When we did Nottingham marathon last year we went past a few mincers at the 8 mile mark. Don't know if they were doing the half or the full, but they were going at some pace!

    They still look silly though.

  • The whole "action" looks wholey unatural, I can't imagine they are all injury free wiggling along like that for 50k
  • JWrunJWrun ✭✭✭

    They all carry a 50p between thier buttcheeks - thats why they have to walk like that!

    Ridiculous! image

  • I mince image

    injuries, nah not really. I kept getting injured runnning so took it up. I tend to train after work at night (I finish at about 11)  otherwise I'd just be chav bait.

    the pros, very flexible and very fit the cons looks ridiculous image

    as for the speed, the elites will do 37 for 10k. Me, and I'm county standard about 50.

  • My eldest daughter represented Australia in the womens 20K walk in Berlin. Sadly she got DQ'd just beyond 10K. This probably had more to do with the fact that she'd had a child 4 months earlier, so her training had been somewhat compromised. The speed was still there but the technique was rather rusty. Stiil gave me time to get very teary and proud though.

    As an event its no dafter than throwing the stick or jumping into the sandpit. Perhaps you'd like to try telling the German guy who won the shot how silly he looks, I'm sure he'd be happy to discuss it with you.

    Injuries tend to be hip and back related. Knee injuries are less common than with distance runners.

    Overall a walker is likely to remain injury free for longer than a runner. The seriously competitive window is longer too. There are a lot of world class walkers who go on into their late 30's.

  • ah - I'd forgotten your daughter is a race walker FR. shame about her DQ - how was she doing up until that point??
  • The Russian was well away by then, but she was in touch with the Irish and Chinese, in the top 10 when the DQ came.

    On refelection she was in "sh*t or bust mode" as she puts it, and it was bust.

    Still 20 weeks after giving birth it was quite impressive.

  • Thats brilliant FR - you must be dead proud of her.image (pity about the DQ though)
  •  I believe the rule is ".............. to the naked eye"

    image a farce to you maybe, but to may others a legimate sport.

    Race walking is just as much a sport as butterfly, breast stroke or back crawl or many others. How many "goals" have been given or disallowed in football because of the rule of naked eye? Is that a farce too?

    FB, why not just run? it's a good question but you could say to the breast stroker, butterfler why not go free style.

    I do like the "..................................... it's like trying to find the loudest whisperer" saying though image

  • FR, many congrats to your daughter. You must be dead proud.

    Once again Enlands' loss

  • I do think theres too many swimming strokes - if you are a good swimmer - look how many medals you can come back with ! No other sportsman gets a chance of that many.

    First one to the end of the pool gets the medal. I'm not fussed how you get there.

    (can you tell I'm not a big fan of swimming ?)

    FR - amazing for your daughter to come back strong so soon after a baby. I'm still recovering from my baby - those sleepless nights take their toll.

    (and it was 10 years ago, and I'm the dad)
  • Zanzinger wrote (see)

    Breast stroke, front crawl?? What are you talking about?

    I haven't yet witnessed some one in a breast stroke race, being accused of doing the butterfly or front crawl.

    Walking fast is fundamentally flawed.

    Get the slo mo cameras on them. Every single one would get disqualified. The top 20 anyway!

    swmmers are sometimes dqd for not doinf the required stroke correctly.

    As FB says, cover the distance in the fastest way possibl. That's what I'm talking about.

    This thread comes up after most championships with the same arguments

    The rule is "to the naked eye" not "to the curent technolodgley"

  • I dont take it personally because I've heard it all before.

    Getting DQ'd is an occupational hazard in walking. You're trying to go as fast as possible within the rules, and sometimes you get it wrong.

    Yes I am proud of seeing my child achieve at least part of her lifes ambition - to compete with the worlds best. OK it didnt work out this time - but next time...

  • Graham LGraham L ✭✭✭
    Never mind the technicalities, as someone who runs a 10K in 48-49 minutes or so I still can't get my head round the fact that there are people who can walk quite a bit quicker than I can run.
  • Hear Hear Graham L
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    In a half marathon a few years back I got overtaken by a walker. And I finished in 1hr 45.
  • FR - I'd be thrilled as a parent

    ...I'd be thrilled as a walk competitior

    ....and I'd be thrilled if I could run that fast!

    lol at Cougie's 10 yr post natal recovery

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