Edinburgh Marathon

I have selected Edinburgh 2010 as my first attempt at the Marathon distance. Its long enough away at the moment to give plenty of training time, and plenty of time to get scared!

Entries dont seem to be open yet.

I know there were a few problems last year but is anyone who finished the 2009 event thinking of doing it again?



  • Get in Graham !!!

    I was thinking of doing it again or doing Blackpool to save all the expense (if I don't get into London), entries open on 1st September, they are doing a half marathon as well this year which will start at the same time so they expect over 25000 people on the start line so this will not help the problems of last year.

    Edinburgh is a great City though and it is a nice flat route although not the most scenic at times.

  • Hi mate

    I considered Blackpool but the very small field suggests to me that I'd be running alone for long periods which has got to be harder for a first attempt.

  • Entries won't be open till next year - prob jan or feb.

    Have run the race for the last 2 years - excellent race! this year was a tad warm - still managed to get round in under 2hrs 50mins.

    There is bags and bags off support on the course.

  • Hi,

    I did Edinburgh as my first marathon and despite the problems, loved it!  I got an email today and entries are open on the 1st September on a first come first served basis.  Good Luck!

  • I did Edinburgh as my first marathon too and also loved it.  There were problems, which luckily I was not affected by, but hopefully they have learned from them.  If they are expecting 25000 people, it will be crowded though as some parts of the course were a bit narrow.

  • Gives the impression they've listened to nothing people complained about with regards to congestion etc by adding a half marathon as well.  Going to be a nightmare shifting all those people of differing abilities from the same start - bad enough when just the marathon.

    Surely they're going have to use a different route or you're going to have half-marathoners looping back on themselves across the path of the marathoners?  The finish will have to be changed as well if a different route as the racecourse is at 9.5 miles and some of the faster half-marathoners will be reaching the end at the same time marathoners are running past.....

    That's assuming they all start at the same time.  If not, road closures will last a lot longer and probably cause far more traffic problems.

  • Did Edinburgh this year and hope/expect to do it next year as well.

    There was a problem with the distribution of water during the event. They didn't have enough water in the right places at the right times, but hopefully this will be rectified for the next race. (there were reports of water thefts in the hours before the race)

    Overall I had no problems with the pre race organisation or the start (apart from the announcer who thought a gloriously sunny day was a good day to run a marathon!). I found no congestion issues during the race or at the finish. However, I will add that I was in the leading 10% of the field and probably clear of the areas before congestion occurred.

    If they are adding a 1/2marathon on the same day they will have to stagger the start times (I'm assuming). But to have double the numbers finishing in Musselburgh there will be a lot of congestion, both in the race and afterwards.

    I would reccomend it as a race to do but would probably advise waiting to see if there are any surprises with running a marathon and a half marathon at the same time.

  • Are there a good range of abilities at Edinburgh?  I am thinking of doing it as my first marathon too and am going to be around the 5 hours mark. 

    Lucy x

  • Lucy Ashby 3


    i did Edinburgh Marathon 3 years ago.And Its Tougher Straight Road and back. But mostly flat and bumps.But lovely pitchure's of Edinburgh.Enjoy&


    Loch Ness.I did 6year ago Tougher on Foot need sterdy good trainers and Fort William last year was flat,hilly and the longest road-4H.45 my time

    I Hope these give you a guide lines

  • I did Edinburgh as my first marathon in May, finished in 4:55 - there were plenty of people behind me. However, because of the water problems not everyone was able to finish! THey shortened the course by about 3 miles. I would do it again though, as I'd hope they'd learn from the mistakes of last year - and make new ones instead!
  • enjoyed this marathon this year and will be booking for next..hopefully still get a hotel room if the half is on as well...this could make it a bit crazy, are they still going to have a relay?

    wasn't affected by the water shortage but if you want to see how badly a marathon can be organised i suggest you run the belfast marathon and you will enjoy every marathon after that!

  • Ok that settles it.  I am going to try for Edinburgh in the first instance.  Like you say Kicked -It it is long enough away to prepare and there is a huge field of runners. 

     Am excited about the prospect but also TERRIFIED of the distance.  Mind you I used to feel like that about 10k and then half marathon and I have managed many of those now so I know it is possible.  Will apply on Tuesday as soon as I can.

     Good luck all,

    Best wishes,


  • Know exactly how you feel Lucy! All I will say is that the pain of a marathon is no worse than that for a Half - it just lasts a bit longer! As long as you train for the distance that is. My training wasn't ideal (longest 5 runs 15, 15, 16, 18 and 20) but I got round in a respectable time and know I will do so much better next time. The hardest part is the long training runs, the first time you do each distance.
  • Thanks Beanie, that is really reassuring.  I will try to take it one step at a time and not panic!  I know it will be painful but so worth it, like many things in life!  I am actually having a bit of help this time with my training.  Tonight is my first session with her, I am looking forward to it as I know it will push me harder than I would push myself. 

  • Well hello there new folks,

    Feel free to pop next door and say hiya you are more than welcome. image


  • Its got to be done!

    The distance may be terrifying but thats the point I suppose! When its all over you can say "I ran a marathon" even if you never do it again.

    The Marathon is the distance every non runner asks you about  - thats the one that gets the respect.

    I'm already nervous but I'l lbe putting my money where my mouth is tomorrow!

  • Yes, Kicked It that is exactly how I feel.  What an achievment to run 26 miles!  I just HAVE to do it and I am 40 next year so it seemed like a great (if masochistic!) way to celebrate that milestone! 

    My partner said to me "once you get a taste for it you can run Paris the next year"  I don't know about that but I suppose you never know.!

     Good luck with your training!

  • Ha ha !

    I set myself the target of running a marathon before my 40th birthday.

    At the time I was 37 and smoking 30 cigs a day, and hadnt done any excercise in years.....Seemd like an impossible, ridiculous thing to say. It would involve an entire change of lifestyle never mind the training!

    The cigs have gone and I'm now on target!

    See you there!

  • That is impressive!  Well done!  Yes, it will be a dream come true when we cross that finish line.  I have 2 brothers one of whom is "normal" like me and the other who is super, super sporty.  When the super sporty one turned 40 he mapped out a marathon for himself around London taking in all the important places for him like the place he met his wife, where their first child was born etc.

    Anyway, on the evening of his 40th I called him to wish him happy birthday and to see if he was feeling tired.  He said "Oh, yes the marathon was great and when I got to work my friends had made me a special birthday breakfast!"  WHAT?!  Yes, the nutter had started the marathon at 4am, finished it at 7.20 am and then gone to work as normal, you know, as you do!

  • Right

    Thats it then - been and gone and booked it

    Got my confirmation mail.... what have I done....!

  • No backing out now !!!    251 days to go, plenty of time to train and build up slowly, you'll nail it mate. image
  • Me too.  Can't quite believe it but at the same time am excited!  Good luck all!
  • I must be mad...I've gone and booked it too!  250 days to go
  • going to book it 2day...enjoyed it in may even if it was on the warm side and then afterwards its a great city to go out for a drink. stayed at the hilton caledonian great range of whisky but definately wait till after the run!
  • Booked my place too. image

    Lucy, I'm like you... What can I do to mark turning 40????  Hmmmm ponder, ponder, ponder... I know I'll run a marathon... Do you think something happens to the brain when you turn 39 that makes running a marathon seem like a good idea???

    I'll be at the back, am aiming for about 5 hours but will be happy to just finish.

  • Think we are on the same wavelength CazSoul.  I think 26 miles is a looooooooooooooooooong way and as long as I get around without needing medical intervention I will be happy!  

     Mind you I say that but everytime I do a half I start out with a really healthy attitude and then feel annoyed that I didn't run it faster........I do try really hard though! 

    I will definitely be running at the back but at least we will be running and that is very cool indeed!  Let's keep each other positive and upbeat about it.   WE CAN DO IT! 

    I told my colleagues about it today and they were so excited and supportive.  They remember when I first started running and I used to just about get around the school football pitch during lunchtime (I teach in a primary school) so they think it is great I am going to do the BIG one!  Great to have good people around you. 

    Happy training all x

  • hi all, i am seriously considering this as my first marathon too. have spent my summer training for three halfs this autumn, longest run so far 11 miles, and am surprising myself how i seem to take it in my stride, so having stated unequivocably that i would never run a marathon am reconsidering... I too would be aiming at 4.45 - 5.00 so looks like there may be a few of us! Went to uni in Edinburgh so know the city well, and would like to think would have some support... Oh, and i'm not turning 40 but 35 - early midlife crisis?

  • Do it Hanna!  If you are taking the halfs in your stride you will be fine.   I am really just aiming to finish this one as that will be a huge achievement in itself for me. I don't think we will be on our own as slightly slower runners.  Let us know if you sign up.

  • hi all

    well ive been and done it "IM IN" image

    oh my god what have i done i am now sh*ting it. ive done 10 halfs and plenty of 10ks but this is something different. I know the distance and how far it is ive powerwalked 2 marathons, but i feel happy doing the half marathon distance and feel next year is the time to take the plundge image.

    not bothered to with what time i do as long as its quicker than my powerwalking ones.

    im doing the kilomathon in march so will be  good training for this

    good luck all with trainingimage

  • If you've done that many Halfs stepping up to the marathon should be no problem.  Good luck!
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