Edinburgh Marathon



  • 12miles done & dusted... Actually felt easier than the 10 I did last week... image

    Found something out on Saturday, the lime Sports Beans taste of toilet cleaner or something... You know that taste you get in the back of your mouth when you walk into just cleaned public loos... Well it was like that... image  Such a shame cos they were actually quite effective. 

  • Yuck! I must remember to give lime sports beans a miss. 

    I had a bad long run, only managed 8 miles, and there was quite a bit of walking image.

    I messed up my timing of my admittedly large lunch, and ended up going out for a run just an hour after I'd eaten. I was crippled with horrible stitches and stomach ache. Reminded me why I always run on an empty stomach.

  • CazSoul - When you said they 'tasted' like toilet cleaner It did set me wondering under what circumstances you would have actually tried toilet cleaner!

    Some good early running going on here guys hope you don't peak to early. I managed a whopping 2 minutes on the treadmill last friday and had no toe reaction (stress fracture 3 weeks or so ago) Think I may risk the Barnsley 10k on Sunday.

    Alex - You know you want to! DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT!

  • Cheers folks - now eyeing up a potential training plan for the full....

    Probably best to get it in action ASAP, if not I'll be using the festive period as an excuse not to run - would rather go for some transitional training and slowly up the mileage by 10% etc each week - then hit a 12/16 training plan nearer the time

  • Tee hee Dave, toilet cleaner isn't my usual tipple but needs must and everything...  Have you not had that, where you've walked into a public toilet and they've used that many cleaning blocks etc that you can taste it at the back of your mouth???

    Mr CS had the orange sports beans and he said they tasted fine, so I might have to try those next time... either that or stick with the jelly babies.

    So are you confirming there Alex that you have taken our advice and signed up for the whole hog???

    Oooooh plodder, your run sounds awful.... killer stitch is a total pain (pardon the pun).  But on the plus side, you still managed 8 miles. image

  • RDave...how long have the medical folk given you with your toe. Was just wondering if you did barnsley 10k next week, would it not set you back and is it worth the risk.

    B/burn Plodder...we all have bad days and doing 8m on a bad day isnt too bad, ive had good days and not done 8mimage

    Caz....what are these sports beans? Are they used instaed of gels.

  • They said it wasn't a significant fracture and should heal quickly. If I can't feel pain when running then they said I should be allright.

    They neglected to mention whether I had to be sober or not when testing for pain. I gave it thorough test on Saturday night and in to the early hours of Sunday and it seememd to be OK.

    Fed up of not running so just going to do it and see what happens

  • Gold Pig, they're made by the Jelly Bean Co and are slightly bigger than a regular Jelly Bean jelly bean.  They probably do the same job as a gel... I'm a sweetie kinda gal, so anything sweetie related to give me an energy boost is always worth a try... 

  • RDave...dont think anybody feels pain when they've had a shed full of ale. Were you able to do all your dance moves on the dance floorimage

    Caz...thanks for that, i will check em out. Even though i'm not up to mega LSRs, i seemed to have gone off the gels and would prefer to use something else.

  • Are you suggesting I dance round the 10k?

  • We need to talk more, we keep dropping down onto the 4th page...

    I'm having to rethink my running route after having a strange man tag onto me for the last 5miles of my run on Saturday and my police friend informing me to be careful as there has been reports of a flasher on a section of the canal towpath that I use.  B*gger!!!   I've got 13miles scheduled in for this weeks LSR... gonna have to be a couple of out & backs... I prefer point to point... image

  • CazSoul - it's a bugger trying to keep up with you....... I had to keep stopping for a break image
  • If you hang around in the fields a bit further on Teuchter you wont have so far to run next time.   image
  • CazSoul - thanks for the tip..... I've decided that it's the long raincoat  that is slowing me down... but can we arrange it for next week instead  ? I've got me probation officer coming round tomorrow  image
  • Yeah sure, 10.30 under the bridge by the fields... Is that good for you???  I'll bring my magnifying glass. image
  • Magnfying Glass ? OMG - I HAVE been rumbled image

    Actually, CS - joking apart - it must be a real pain in the butt, when you're trying to get the training in for a mara. Do you have any running clubs in your area ? Don't know whether it would help with the LSR - but at least you'd be able to get some of the miles in, in the company of other peeps.....? I joined the local club just over a year ago - and haven't looked back since  image 

  • You actually had me worried for a sec that it was you, cos this bloke did keep having to walk for a bit and then ran again to catch me back up.  Very strange.

    I have thought about joining a running club... might have to give it some more thought...either that or invest in a seriously loud panic alarm.

  • Jeez CazSoul ... sorry about that.  I guess that says something about his fitness levels if he did keep having to slow down... then again doesn't sound as if he's a regular runner either - weird....

    Well the club I go to (Warrington Road Runners) are I guess, more geared to the weekly runs - 6/7 miles at a time - rather than the weekend LSR - but then again, you might find peeps at your local club that are also planning LSRs at the weekend - at least you wouldn't be running on your own - not advisable at the moment if your experience is anything to go by.

    Anyway - good luck with the training image


  • Are Warrington RR the club in the red and blue vests?
  • Yeh that's it - red and light blue - alternate quarters ... why - did one of them cut you up in a race image If so, it wasn't me - I don't have a club vest image

    Are you local to Warrers, RD ?

  • Hows it going Teuchter, good to see you on here. I wont be there tonight at the club, out for a few bevvies.

    RDave.....RP was modelling it for us in Berlin, oh the good times. 

  • I'm having a weekend off running. image We are off to London for a weekend away  - hurray.

    We've booked to go Ice Skating on the temporary Ice Rink that's been built at the Natural History Museum on Saturday afternoon, which should be a right laugh. last time I attempted ice skating, I was useless spaghetti legs.

    Bit of tea out in London, then lots of beers, can't wait..................

  • Gold Pig - it's going well thanks....how about you ?.... Ok you are officially excused from tonight's run - enjoy ! Did you do the track last night ?  Actually I went to circuits  yest evening (at the centre where we meet up for running) - for the first time in months... and it nearly killed me ! Felt great afterwards tho......

    BBurn Plodder  - sheesh another one forsaking the cause, for the pleasures of beering..... image And just when I was planning to start the first of me LSR's this weekend an'all  ...Ok.. ok... I admit -  I'm jealous.. image It sounds like a lot of fun!!   Last time I did ice skating was about 20 years ago on an ice rink in Blackpool..... and let's just say that the film Bambi comes to mind whenever I think about it.....Hey but take it easy on the ice  - you dont want any early setbacks to your training, do you image

  • What can I say, I'm very easily led astray !! First whiff of beer, and I'm there.

  • The temporary ice rink we went to watch at last year, Mr CS does NOT do ice skating and I didn't want to do it on my own, had penguins on the beginner rink to hold onto... I wouldn't have moved out of the beginner rink and would've fought off any child that tried to take my penguin off me LOL.

    Checked the plan and its 10miles this weekend, I'll do 6 of them with Mr CS and the last 4 on my own... With any luck I shouldn't wander/run into any perv territory.

  • Teuchter - Was going to mention Panda when you mentioned Warrington RR but wanted to keep the thread on running and off general food discussion or Minogue Vrs Cole.

    Good luck with the Ice Skating bburn plodder. I did it just the once in Cardiff a few years ago and never again. Was amazed at how quickly kids pick it up and how fearless they are. My son went from Bambi to Robin Cousins (remember him) in about 20 minutes while I was still holding the rail.

    Barnsley 10k on Sunday for me and my first jaunt since IT Band and broken toe. Running is hell!

  • B/burn plodder...the last time i went skating was at the rink in blackburn a couple of years ago. I was useless and the only injuries i sustained were splinters in my fingers as i never let go of the side.image

    Its nice to go and have a blow out on the ale every so often. If only i could stand the pace.

    Teuchter...I not bad and thanks for excusing me from tonights run, promise to make up for it in due course. Yeh, went to track night and found it very hard but was happy to complete it and felt a lot better afterwards. It must be the buzz that you get from pushing yourself so hard. Dont think i have ever done circuits, shame its on the same night as track night. 

  • RDave....are you on the mend. Good luck for sunday anyway.

  • BB - aye - trouble is.. me too... the number of times I've come in after a run and thought.... hmm 'recovery drink, or  cold beer'.... and ended up reaching for the fridge........image

    CS - what did the poor penguin make of the experience..... bet his flippers were twice as long at the end !! OK - I'll see you for the last four miles - 10.30 under the bridge  as usual - dont be late image 

  • Sort of. Last physio yesterday but have been running for about a week now.

    Did too much too soon thinking that I need to make up some ground (not sure who i am chasing but that's how I felt) Anyway, probably overdid it and don't feel too great but we'll give it a whirl. It'll just be nice to race again

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