Edinburgh Marathon



  • I'm thinking of the kilomathon too.

    2 months ahead of Edinburgh would make it a good training race over the longer distances I reckon.

    I keep having lucid moments when I realize just how far 26 miles is! Glad its several months off still!

  • I am in!! Anyone know good (and reasonable) places to stay? I am thinkiing go up Fri and travel back Mon. The official hotel looks pricey. Ideally somewhere near Waverley. Or is near Musselboro an option so can travel to start?


  • start is in the city centre, finishes at musselboro. look on laterooms, depends what you want but as edinburgh is not cheap B&Bs are often good quality and cheaper than hotels.
  • I've booked an apartment, self catering from the Saturday to the Monday night for £280 - sleeping 6 people.

    About 15 minutes walk from the start.

  • Well done Angela!  It sounds to me like you have done lots of preparation for this already.  Like Kicked It I cant actually envisage the distance..........am trying not to.  Enjoying plodding around on my "long runs" at the moment though.  Really taking it very steady and actually enjoying it so much more than I used to. 

    Happy training all x

    Must book some accomodation !

  • im only a plodder too image

    ive booked into a b and b in edinburgh only £39 a night not that i'll get the brekkie on the sunday but nerves will probably take over and will not want to eat lol

    ive got 3 more halfs this year and 3 10ks

    nothing much else planned for next think i need to focus on training for this one, still feel sick at the thought of doing it lol. im comin up alone as when i did GNR my spectators never saw me til i finished so they have decided to stay at home and wait for the phone call, could be an interesting train journey home on the sunday evening image might need help getting off at the other end lol

    Lucy, i find that i enjoy my running now, was a bit hard at the start but now i love going out in the mornings.

  • you'd be surprised angela - i was in Edinburgh the weekend of the marathon this year for a completely different reason, and the place i stayed at was doing a special early brekkie for all the marathoners
  • Hi all - i'm in, decided to forgo London this yr and go for Edinburgh, Got Dublin to do yet but it's always good to think ahead! Hopefully they'll have enough water next yr!! image woop woop!
  • Angela, what do you eat when you do long runs in the morning?  I find that really hard.  If I eat too much I feel dreadful but if I only eat a banana or something I crash halfway around!  For that reason I am trying to do long runs later in the day, work and childcare permitting!.  Thing is though nearly all races are in the morning! 

    Other news........have not had a biscuit for 3 weeks now!  As a biscuit addict that is a big thing for me!  Finally starting to feel the benefit of healthier eating.  Much more energy and looking a tiny bit more trim which is motivating! 

     How goes the training everyone? x

  • Depending on how long your long run is:

    Try porridge with honey / syrup about half an hour to an hour before your run with maybe a banana. I never run less than an hour after eating

    If you are crashing part way through consider taking a carb gel with you, or loading up on carbs the night befor with a pasta meal etc.

    i'm lke you - I run better in the evenings having eaten and fuelle dup during the day... but races are in the morning so you need to sort out a pre race fuel strategy!

  • I'll be back next year, did this year and last. Love Edinburgh, any excuse for a weekend away! It's only 5 weeks after London but ah well.

    Lucy - I'm weird with my long runs if I do them on a weekend morning, I either have a bagel or some toast and a piece of malt loaf. But then whenever I do a race I like porridge, and always have porridge for breakfast any other day. I always think that I need at least 2 hours to digest porridge, but bagels and toast I can get away with an hour. And as it's a weekend, I prefer to sleep a bit longer rather than get up to make breakfast and then wait to go out for ages!

    For longer runs (when I'm going to be out over 1.5 / 2 hours) I just stash a bottle of lucozade sport in a bush halfway round, or partway up an out-and-back route. Plus have a few jelly babies in a food bag image

  • i usually have porridge it does the job for me or if i dont want that then its a banana

    never run more than 13.1 miles at the mo never had the crashing feeling

    i do take some jelly babies in a food bag out with me just in case

  • Thanks Carrot, I hadn't thought about the difference between bagels and porridge, both favourites of mine.  I will try the bagels on sunday bdfore my long run on Sunday.  Haven't tried Lucozade, might give that a go.  Jelly babies, yes, I think I definitely need some of those!   

    Kicked It, yes gels, must remember to stock up on some of those.   They are a bit sickly but they do work.  

    Last week I tried fuelling myself on blackberries and elderberries midway through a run.  My god, what a mistake!  I had such a stomach ache by the time I got home!  Trial and error I think. 

  • Trial and error indeed! I've yet to try an energy gel...  Also like Kicked It says, plenty carbs the night before help (and gives you more practice at what carbs work and what can cause mayhem half way through a run!)

    You will get used to morning running, I prefer it than going after work.

  • Did anyone do the half in Reading a couple of year ago?  Some kind spectators were giving out jelly babies but there had been some sort of mishap which meant that the whole road looked like a sort of "jelly baby killing fields!" for quite a long way.  They were just carpeting the road!  It was a bit surreal, rather like being overtaken by a 7 ft high bakewell tart at 11 miles!  Ho hum! 
  • I'm a porridge with honey & banana kinda gal before my long runs, which I've swapped from Sunday morning to Saturday so I can have a wee drinkie poo or two on Saturday night. image  And I top the energy up with jelly babies... haven't tried gels yet... will see how I get on with just the babies for now... we've got yonks to make oodles of mistakes between now and the BIG day.

    Did the Glasgow half the other week and disaster struck between 11 & 12 miles... the niggle in my left foot turned into an ow ow ow feck that hurts kinda pain... Have been to fizzy and she says its a bit of tendonitis and a bit of plantar fasciitis so lots of stretching & strengthening and I'm having to take the running down a notch for a while. image  Suppose its good to get the injuries out the way early on eh??

    Anybody else signed up the Scottish Kilomathon???

    Oooooh we booked the hotel (literally just round the corner from the start) before I'd even entered and Mr CS has booked theatre tickets for the Friday night... Well it is to celebrate my 40th... albeit a month early. image

  • jelly babies worked for me on my last half so sticking the them at the mo

    ive had a taste of a gel and YUK!!!!!!! image

    might try again but in different flavour also need to drink after ive had one they take some getting down, might just be me but who knows.

    doing peterborough half 3 weeks on sunday, and also a weeks holiday in greece before that so running gear is going with me for some early morning plods image hope the locals dont mind

  • Greece?  Lucky you!  Which part?  Will it be boiling hot?  I love running when I am on holiday, it makes a nice change. 

    Sorry to hear about your foot Caz but it sounds like you are getting the miles in for sure!  Hope you feel better soon.

  •  I did this as my first marathon last year.  I will be doing more marathons but hell will freeze over before i go back there. The clowns who run this couldnt organise a drinking session in a distillery.

  • im off to rhodes for hols and as for the weather its looking good will have to run early morning but will be worth it

    ive never run on hols before only been running just over a year so im looking forward to a change (if its not too hot)

  • Way to be positive there Hail me a taxi. image

    Running on hol is lovely if a bit warmer than you're used to Angela... And just think you can have enjoy a cocktail or two guilt free afterwards.

    Have had to reduce the mileage a bit on my plan over the next few weeks Lucy but hopefully I'll get the green light from the fizzy and then it will be all systems go.  Have you sorted out a plan yet???  I asked Shades for hers as its based on 3 runs a week which I thought was more relationship friendly than some of the others and then extended it so even if I'm poorly or the weather is horrendous it wont have too big an impact.

  • thats the plan Caz and a bit of lovely greek food aswell image
  • Bon Voyage Angela, it sounds like you are in for a really lovely break!  I love greek food!

    Caz, I have enlisted the help of a friend who also happens to be a personal trainer....very fortunate!  I've been runnning for a few years and although I was feeling happy that I did it and proud of myself I actually felt pretty knackered and irritable when the mileage crept up.  I had always wanted to do a marathon but was worried about building up to it.

      My partner suggested I asked my friend for help as she has been running for years and has worked in the fitness industry for over 20 years.  Honestly, the difference has been INCREDIBLE!  I work with her once a week and then do 4 more other sessions in the week.......one is strength work, the other 3 are runs, a normal sort of run, a tempo run and a long run.

    I have been working with her for a month and already I am feeling great even though I am running alot more than I did before.  The strength exercises are really making me feel like a little powerhouse!  The best thing is that I am enjoying it so much more rather than grinning and bearing it.   It's really exciting.  It is hard to fit in all the sessions mind you what with work and family, but it is SO worth it.  Am feeling positive about the marathon..............still suitably awed by it but really feel if I keep working hard i can do it, I might be slow but I will get round! 

    I will send healing vibes to your feet!  Injuries are so frustrating! 

    Have a good weekend all x 

  • hi.... can i join in? have just entered edinburgh 2010 - ran london this year and loved it!! being scottish thought i'd do one closer to home next time (even though i live in london you know what i mean!!)

    looking forward to getting to know you all 

     ps i entered the ballot for london aswell so i might be doing the double.... image

  • hi deedee and welcome image

    im doing this and like yourself im in the ballot for london so the double could be on for me too image

    not long til we find out either image  

  • I keep toying with the idea of a PT Lucy, but the money aspect of it puts me off so I'll just have to keep dragging Mr CS out with me.  He has said he'll come out with me on my shorter runs and for when I get up to stupid mileage he'll go out on his bike and we'll arrange to meet up for him to top up the babies & water bottles. image

  • Hi deedee,  nice to meet you!  I am jealous that you got to do London last year, I would love to do it but I was desperate to do a marathon next year for a certain charity and, unlike yourself I didn't feel I could manage 2 so I signed up for Edinburgh where I know I could get a place.  I am really excited about it. 

     Caz, I know exactly what you mean.  I had looked into other PTs over the years but have never been that convinced that they could actually make a difference, you have to get someone that you really trust.   But now that my friend is helping me for a very reasonable price £20  per week my partner said she would put up half the money till the marathon and then we will reasses!  My partner keeps saying she will come out with me on her bike but I'm still waiting.  Mind you we do have a little girl and so we can't usually get out at the same time. 

    Do you know I think I might have caught your foot affliction!  My feet were really painful on my run today up until about 30 mins in.  Oh, I hope it goes away!   There's always some niggle or other and this is the niggle for this week!   Happy training everyone!

  • Oh I really hope you havent caught my poorly foot... Although the pain is going walkabout so its possible... It started off in the arch, then moved to under the sticky out inside ankle bone and now its at the side of my ankle bone... Very odd. image  Had to cut short my 6mile run on Saturday as it was starting to really niggle and I thought it best to stop rather than push on for the last mile.

    That's really nice of your partner to go halfies on your PT... I'm sure she'll come out with you when the going gets really tough... round about February next year lol.   I see parents out on the canal with a little mini bike kinda thing being towed behind them with their little-un in... Might be an idea if your little girl is old enough.

    DeeDee & Angela, are you mad???  2 marathons so close together!!!   image *thud*

  • I've signed up for this one as my first marathon too.

    I'm pretty terrified of the distance, but you got to do it haven't you???? Or die trying image.

    I've managed three halves this year (including the GNR yesterday), so I feel ready to have a go.

    I'm still not sure how I'm going to fit in the training with cold dark winter weather and family - I've got two little girls (4 & 9). But Mr Plodder is very supportive.

  • hi bburn plodder scares the c*** out of me to even think about it at the mo, im lucky with the training as i work afternoons and my kids catch the 7.30am bus for school so im free to go out after that. Well done on the GNR i did it last year as my first half, done 9 more since then and 3 more planned this year. Happy training xx

    Caz, yes i think i must be mad, but you only live once why not go for it lol

    as long as i get round and finish im not bothered about the time, its a massive achievement for me to get where i am now. I've gone from 20 stone couch potato to 11 stone runner in 3 years and if i want to try it then nothing is gonna stop me anymore image thats why i like to keep myself focused with at least 1 race a month, helps me keep my mind out of the fridge image

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