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  • Caz,  My foot seems to have eased a bit.  Actually forgot I went over on my wedge sandal thing on Sat night so it might have been that!  I wasn't even drunk.  Did a "speed session" (ha ha ) yesterday.  God, I hate them!  I felt sick!  I just don't feel like my body was meant to go fast, I feel like a hippo in a boobtube! 

     Hi bburn plodder, well done on your GNR, I saw it on TV and it looked like a great atmosphere.  It will be fun preparing for this and supporting one another.  It IS a scarey prospect but it is possible and who knows we might get hooked!

    Angela, that is amazing.............to lose all that weight and transform your life so completely!  Brilliant!  You do race alot, I am really impressed.  I know what you mean though, if you have a race to do then it makes you stay on track with your training and that can only be a good thing. 

     Have a good week all x

  • im finding races very addictive i love the atomsphere even the small local ones 

    in fact the smaller ones are better. got a great local half in nov its only 9 miles from my house so when i finish i ring hubby and by the time im back the bath is ready and waiting image

    and im not bothered about where i come in, as long as ive done it, who cares i dont  image

  • lol hippo in a boobtube, what a fantastic description.  image   Glad your foot is feeling better Lucy, probably was the sandals.

    Well done on the GNR bburn plodder, it looked stupidly busy but I bet its great for the atmosphere all the way round.

    That is a brilliant weight loss Angela, well done and I love your attitude to races... I check the previous years results just to make sure I'm not going to be last.  I accept I'll be at the tail end of the finishers but  I dont want to be last. image

    Have bought some new socks that are meant to help with overpronating so hopefully the socks combined with the trainers will sort my foot out once and for all.  Can't afford to keep trailing back to the physio.

  • Angela I also salute you!  Caz, I also check the last years results!  As you say  Angela it is enough of an achievement to get round though. 

    Those socks sound fascinating!  How do they work? x

     Just an aside, we are picking up our new puppy Lottie in about one hours time!  We are nearly bouncing off the walls with excitement here!  Don't know how my daughter is getting through the afternoon, she is probably driving her teacher round the bend.........."I'm getting my puppy today, I'm getting my puppy today...........when is it home time.........I'm getting my puppy today!"   Yippppeeeeeee!!!! 

  • Angela, that is amazing weight loss, so well done from me too. I've managed to lose quite a lot too, but it's taken me a lot longer, and not quite as much as you either. From my fattest (i still cringe when I look at the photos), it's been 9 years OMG!, but I've managed to lose 7 stone. I just wish I'd found running earlier, 4 of those 7 are just in the last 18months since I took up running!

    Thanks for GNR comments, it was an amazing event, with a fantastic atmosphere. It was crowded, and surprisingly hilly, so definitely not a PB course. Me and my friend raised about £900 for Chrisitie's cancer hospital in Manchester, so it was well worth it.

    And I'll never forget running over the Tyne bridge with the Red Arrows flying overhead image

    I've never heard of those socks Caz, definitely of interest though, as I overpronate.

  • Linky thing to socks I'm trying them out tonight on a little 4mile run, so I'll let you know how I get on with them.  I'm really hoping they live up to the hype.

    Wow, 7 stone bburn??  Thats a fab loss and well done for keeping it off.  image

    Oooooh a new puppy... Can guarantee your daughter will be bouncing off the walls by now with excitement lol.

  • Boy am I glad this marathon is 7 months away...

    I did a 14 mile run last night before my taper begins ahead of the Warrington Half.

    First 9 miles I felt great, but from 10 miles onwards it hurt more and more and more until I was moaning and swearing out loud by the last half mile!

    I've covered the distance before and dont recall it being quite that difficult... perhaps walking up Blencathra at the weekend may not have helped!

    If I'm feeling so tired after 14 miles I have a long way to go bfore I'm ready for 26.2!!

  • You did fuel properly didn't you Kicked-It???  I flag at 9miles if I haven't scoffed a jelly baby by 8miles.  Well done on your 14miles btw, the longest I did in training for glasgow half was 12miles.

    I am happy to report... the socks worked. image  They are in the washer now so they're dry for Saturdays run and then they'll get washed again and packed away ready for the River Ness 10k.

  • Hi guys, thought I'd jump on this thread. I'm considering Edinburgh next year, just waiting to see if I get a place in London though before entering. Just done my first full at Nottingham and I'm really looking forward to the chance of beating my time (4:27) and I think Edinburgh will give me that opportunity!!

    My next event is the Worksop half at the end of October so I need to get back into the training!!
  • Welcome HIll1. You're one step ahead of me, I've never done a full before, Edinburgh will be my first. I'm still trying not to think about the scary distance!

    Kicked-It, it's weird sometimes, for no apparent reason it feels really hard work, but 14's a long way. Maybe jelly babies is the way to go image. I've started substituting jelly babies with Tutie Fruitie's because I love 'em. I figure sugar is sugar, so you may aswell get your favorite sweets!

    Caz I am definitely going to get those socks. I've been having real problems with feet recently (mainly shoe related), but I'm willing to use anything that helps. Only problem is, when I get on Wiggle I usually end up ordering lots of lovely teeshirts and tights . I just can't help myself image  

  • Tell me about it bburn, my poor credit card has taken a right bashing since I discovered Wiggle.. Have got some lovely new winter kit though. image  They have some lovely long sleeved base layers with 10% off at the moment.

    Re the jelly babies, I have been know to stand in the supermarket comparing the nutritional information on the back of sweetie packets to see which ones would be most beneficial... Percy Pigs look like they could be quite good but they might be a bit big to eat and maintain heavy breathing at the same time without choking. image

    Just do it Hill1, get signed up... You know you wanna really. image

  • hi hill1 welcome to the thread image

    im keeping fingers crossed for london too

    and like yourself im in the worksop half in october look out for me im number 19, if your doing that why not try the clowne half in november is was freezing last year but its a good course and a friendly one too. a few more hills than worksop but nothing too hard.

    bburn, any weight loss is good no matter how long it takes this was the 4th time trying for me and now that ive found this running bug its really staying off image

    i ve started to plan a few longer runs ready for marathon training, trying to find them with not many hills is a bit of a problem in derbyshire, so might have to go over lincoln way a bit next year for the 20 miler. anyway thats ages away at the moimage

  • Angela, hills are a bit of a problem in my neck of the woods too. Pretty unavoidable.

    I've no races planned until a local 10k at the end of November, so I have just started having a go at "Base Training". It's a bit weird, but everybody says it works...........we will see.

    Mr Plodder bought me a Garmin 405 with HRM for my birthday, for base training and marathon training - what a sweetie!

    I had my first run at it yesterday, I did 4 miles, and to keep my heart rate below the target I had to run at 10.8 minute miles image That was very weird, almost felt like I was walking. I'm usually around 9 - 9.5 pace, so it was nice and easy image. Seems completely back to front way of making me faster and fitter,but hay ho, I'm willing to give it a go.

  • i got the garmin 305 as an early birthday prezzie from my mum and love running with it now can go where ever i want on or off road and not have to guess how far ive been, not tried it with the HRM yet im about the same pace as you 9-9.5 all depends on how i feel when i get up in the morning image

    im off out for a 10+ tomoz got a route planned but if i feel ok then i will add to itimage

  • Ok so I wont be seeing you two for dust at Edinburgh then... I'm a happy little 11min miler... *plod plod plod*  Feel free to give me a little wave on the out and back stretch along the sea front.

    Am toying with the idea of a garmin, I'm using a Nike+ sportsband at the moment and although sometimes a bit eratic on the pace (12:54 to 10:17 in a step or two)  it seems to be fairly accurate for the most part.

  • I love my new garmin, but it was very expensive. It took several very heavy hints before he finally asked if I would like one for my birthday (and I don't think at that point he had a clue how much they cost).

    I agree Angela, the GPS thingy is great.

    Caz, I've bought the socks........also secumbed to a long sleeve base layer and a rather nice red hoody. Couldn't resist. I don't even know when I'll wear a "technical" hoody, but it matches my new long winter Addidas tights, so what the heck ! image

  • hi guys i am  considering putting my name in the mixer for this one!

     I am doing a marathon in Leicester first in October so i want to get that out of the way first before i comitt to another big one!

  • hi jimmy, good luck with leicester
  • Hello Jimmy,  Hope Leicester goes well.  i don't know anything about that race.  Is it a big one? 

    Angela and bburn plodder, I am doing base training as part of my marathon preparation and it is really paying dividends.  I don't really know why I didn't do it before.  Mind you i don't run that fast anyway so it isn't too difficult for me to adjust! 

    I love my Garmin, although it is the cheapest one and it is a bit like wearing a brick on my wrist.  It's great though.  i love knowing exactly how far I've gone.  i was using a Nike plus too Caz before my Garmin but it kept malfunctioning and making me think I was running 8 minute miles!   Mind you the other day I actually did but only kept it up for 2 miles! 

    Puppy is unbelievably wonderful.  We are all in love!   

  • Morning all, just grabbing a minute before my 17 month old DD gets up to introduce myself.

    I am signed up to do Edinburgh as my first marathon.  I am questioning my sanity as did the GNR last weekend and went about it all wrong making it much harder than it should have been! lol started out too fast, and finished in 2 hrs 5.  Have been running for 3 years (with a break to have a baby) and done 3 HMs now, so decided to take the plunge and do the full next year.

    I still can't imagine how I will feel running that far, furthest run so far is 14.5 miles and that was tough.  Still, I have identified my plan and will try and keep up 25 mpw until new year, when the plan will kick in.

    Nice to 'meet' you all and I look forward to training alongside you all........image

  • Hello Beebers,

     Good to meet you.  You are doing really well to manage all that running with a toddler!  I know exactly what you mean about the distance............my god it is a long way.  I have run 3 halves as well and I have also found them hard and at about 11 miles I've thought "Mmmmm maybe a marathon isn't such a great idea!" 

    However, I'm hoping that once my long runs start to increase I will feel a bit better about it.  After all we don't ever have to do one again if we don't want to!  I want to do one though, just to say "I've run a marathon!". 

    Happy training x

  • Hello Beebers.

    There must be something about doing 3 half, lol, that's my total too image.

    I also did GNR in 2.05, so snap!

    The first "proper" outdoor base training run was on Saturday afternoon (previous ones on the dreaded treadie). It was very interesting.............. The slightest hill and my heart rate shot up over the 70% max, so I had to really slow down, in fact virtually walk.

    It felt really slow, and everytime I met anybody I had to really fight the urge to speed up - I kept thinking to myself, I must look like I can't run!! But everybody tells me it's going to work, and Lucy clearly you think it's working for you. So I managed 5 m Saturday and 7m Sunday. LSR didn't happen though.........image, not enough time on Sunday.

  • i'm thinking of doing base training between now and december before starting marathon training again, is it just a case of always running slow and keeping your heart rate below 70%?

     i did the windsor half yesterday and my average was 80% with a max of 98%, but normally my training runs are about 75%. how long do you think it takes to see an improvement?

    thanks, dee dee

  • Hi Dee dee,

    Well done on windsor half. I'm new to all this base training, but I got a book called heart rate training for compleat beginners by some guy called J Parker (off Amazon).

    And basically, yep as far as I understand it, lots of miles with HR below 70% of working heart rate, with perhaps one shorter "fast" run per week (>85%). According to the book you should see improvements after about a month............I only started last week lol

  • thanks, i might see if i can get that book and have a look, keep us posted on how its going

  • ShedboyShedboy ✭✭✭

    Hi all, sorry to resurrect an old thread but i couldn't believe the same like minded people on this.  Just got refused from London so thought i'd do Edi as my 1st marathon before I'm 40!  Fractured my pelvis 3 months ago and back jog/walk rehab and it's going great along with X-training! Only done 1 10k in my life in June (unbeknown to me with a stress fracture of the pelvis...thought it was a wee strain) image

    Anyway, I had some concerns 1) the distance, 2) Edi seemed a shambles last year and there are more runners, 3) i'm back to 30 mins run/walk/jog and just going to ponder on for a month or so to gain strength but is this enough time as 4) ive only got less than a years running experience (3 of which i was injured).  Anyhoo I've paid my 42 quid....ooooohhh what have i done image

  • Welcome Shedboy,

    I think everybody on this thread is "bricking it" about the distance, lol.

    Don't worry, there's plenty of time............image

  • ShedboyShedboy ✭✭✭

    cool thank you bp!  Ha building up slowly, just about image

    anyone got some good running schedules for between now and new year? to pick it up for main training

     oh just noticed the book you were talking about ... will have a look but i hate doing training by heart rate

  • Hi all,

    Have choose Edinburgh as my first full marathon (o.k, it had a little bit too do with getting the rejection letter for the VLM), but hey, I'm in for a long jaunt around Scotland now!

    What was I thinking, 26.2 miles, thats a long way! The maximum I've run before was about 15.5 miles and my knee felt like it was going to explode and i had to stop, but I have a few halfs under my belt now and am running between 29 and 35 miles a week now, so hopefully I have a good base to build on.

    By the time it comes around I would of been running for 2 years and to think I struggled to complete a mile and a half when I first started.

    Well, good luck everyone and happy running.

    Hope the training goes well!

  • Doing my first half marathon tomorrow at Warrington so I shoul dhave an idea just how far off I am from being anywhere near capable of completing Edinburgh!

    Got my accomodation booked and sorted so we are defiitely going! The wife has told me that after all that expense I had better finish even if I have to crawl round - she says I'm not coming home without a medal no matter how long it takes me!

    I think thats called support....???

    Also - why is it that every time you mention to a work colleague or a friend that you are running the Edinburgh marathon, they say, "oooh - why dont you do the LONDON marathon!"... like its longer or something?

    Its some kind of assumption that becuase it isnt London, it must be special Scottish miles which are obviously shorter than London ones!!!

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