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  • Had mine two years ago (40th - that is). It was the catalyst to make me start running. I decided I had spent my 20's & 30's enjoying myself and being unhealthy, so it was about time I started looking after myself.

    I never expected to actually enjoy running!! Now I just wish I'd started sooner, rather than waiting until I'm over 40..........

    I did the Liverpool half this year. It was a good event, quite flat, with good crowds along the route. The final stretch along the waterfront felt long, you could see the finish line for ages, and it never seemed to get any closer, lol image.

    I didn't know there was a Liverpool marathon..???? If all goes well in Edinburgh, I was thinking of Dublin next Autumn.

  • Just thought, does that mean I'm the oldest on this thread image
  • sending you this bburn   ((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))image

    its only a number and we are fitter than them young'uns image

  • Age is just a number bburn...  Who wants to be grown up and sensible??? Pah-phoooey!!! image

    That's my last race out of the way now (unless I sign up for any in between) & I got a PB by over 2 mins (woohoo) so bring on the training...

  • Thanks image.

    There is no danger of me being grown up and sensible, I'm just as silly as I have ever been image

  • I'm in - another VLM rejectee. 5th time and know i will get to do it in 2011 but fed up of waiting image

    Really looking forward to it - just need to sort out who's coming for support and book the accomodation. Never been to Edinburgh so may stay a few days after and enjoy the city.

    Just booked a 10 mile run for 13th December and planning the training.

  •  Welcome Aunty Shezzieimage.

    I've never been to Edinburgh before either, so I'm looking forward to it. We are coming up Friday evening (after kids finish school), and going home Sunday afternoon, so not much time to relax after (little plodders have to be back at school Monday). I may have a little celebratory drinkie-poos on the train going home, assuming I have something to celebrate!!  Most likely I'll just fall asleep !!

    Angela, I know what you mean about us "oldies" being fitter than the youngsters. A few weeks ago, my friend's daughter, who is 12, came out for a run with us. By the time we had run about a mile, she couldn't go any further. Apparently everything hurt and she was going to throw up!! Nice!!!  We didn't have the heart to tell her we had deliberately slowed down for her.

    I don't think she is unusual, makes you wonder what they do in PE at school.......???

  • I can answer the PE question bburn... Sorry sir/miss I forgot my kit...followed by plonking bottom on bench at side of hall to text their mates/update their status on FaceBook. image

  • image yeah thats it lol

    my 15 yr old keeps saying shes coming out with my

    but ive yet to see herimage

  • Hello all, Edinburgh is going to be my first marathon so thought I would throw my two penneths into this forum and see if anyone else is panicking..

     I did a couple of HM's last year (1hr53 and 1hr46) but I have had a rubbish year for running and currently struggling to do 5 miles.  Feel fairly confident I will get my base up to scratch by the New Year though and then it is time for the real work..

     I have decided to go for the First training regime - has anyone else done this?  Basically 3 quality runs a week (interval/sprints, tempo and long) plus 2-3 cross training days.  Think it should work for me as I tend to get little niggles when I up the mileage and just can't cope with the thought of 5-6 runs a week!  Be good to hear what people think of it though..

     Those of you who havn't been to Edinburgh before - you will love it, it's a gorgeous city (although it kind of looks like a building site at the mo with all the tram works!) - if your legs can cope with a walk up Arthur's Seat it is well worth it.

  • PS bburn plodder - are you standing on Witton track in your photo?  I used to go to Witton Park School and it looks familiar!
  • Hi Kate, I'm doing Shades marathon plan... Had a couple of forumites recommend it so I emailed her and she emailed it back to me fairly promptly.  Its basically 3 runs a week, one easy, one tempo/hills/fartlek and one LSR.  The two mid-week ones are only 4 - 6mile long so the plan doesnt eat into your life too much... I couldn't face the idea of having to go out and run 10miles or something silly after work when its cold and dark.  I also go to the gym twice a week for a bit of cardio & weights.

    I've extended it so I basically start this weekend now that all my races are out of the way and very very slowly build up my distance.  That way, I figure I've got time for illness & bad weather to hit without it affecting my training too much.

  • Evening all!

    I'm just transferring across from the Berlin thread which is just about winding up now and thought I would add my two pennorth as I have also signed up for Edinburgh 2010 (another VLM reject). I did the race last year and if I had known that they had added a half marathon in as well then I would probably have done Paris instead. Edinburgh is a great city and I love Scotland anyway so can't resist the opportunity to make another trip north. However, the organisation is poor and the traffic congestion around musselburgh is a joke. There were 8500 finishers last year and I can't begin to think how they are going to handle 25000.

    Still, no point in being negative lets just enjoy it.

    This is my 4th marathon after New York, Berlin and Edinburgh 2009. I can't wait to start training after my recent knee injury although it looks like a fair few of you are starting really early for this one so good luck with it.

    Might be a good idea for me to read back now just so I know where we are with this thread.


  • welcome to the gang R Dave

    hope the knee injury aint too bad

    happy training


  • Saturday - 7mile LSR - Tick image  Practically niggle free too, so an even bigger image

  • i did peterborough half yesterday and got a PB

    but im buggered if i can see how im gonna run the same distance twice in edinburgh starting to worry againimage

  • Woohoo!!!  Well done Angela. 

    Its not the same distance twice... Its the same distance, a 10k, a couple of 5ks and then a mile or two tagged on the end... You can run 10k easy peasy, and dont get me started on how much of a doddle a 5k is and as for a mile or two... Pah-phooey we can do that in our sleep. image

  • id rather do it in my sleep image

    but yeah thats one way of looking at it but not gonna worry too much until the new year got other races to focus on (or to keep my mind off this oneimage)

  • Well done Angela - great running there!

    I remember finishing my first HM and thinking that doing it all again was beyond human endurance. Never thought I would be able to make that distance but here I am going for number 4. Honestly, as you build the base miles the distance will become easier and you will start to feel that your just warming up after 10 miles. Trust me!

    Actually the second half of a marathon is slightly shorter as you don't have to run the distance between your starting pen and the start line twice image

  • image i like the shorter bit lol

    that was my 11th half yesterday in just over a year image

    hadn't done much running this week been a crazy one so just wanted to get round but was amazed when i saw the time. in some races you think you're running fast and get a crap time then others you "plod" round and get PB's lol , how does that work image

    anyway EDINBURGH here we all come image

    222 days to go

  • Hi R Dave, welcome to the thread!

    Well Done on the PB Angela, good going image.

    Running Kate, in answer to your question, yes that is Witton Park track I am stood on.

    Well spotted, I'm impressed!!  It was at the Blackburn 10K Winter Warmer earlier this year. Have you run that? It's a beast of a course. You start and finish on the track. The course goes up Buncer Lane, up to Pleasington village before cutting back to Witton Park through the football fields near the cemetry, and heading back to the track. Very hilly first half.

    I'm not sure what training plan I'm going to follow. At the moment I'm having a go at base training, doing about 30 - 32 miles per week with a heart rate monitor (<70-75%).

    I have bought Marathon Training by Hal Higdon, and I was thinking about having a go at one of his schedules. I like his book. He basically advocates the LSR, plus one fast-ish short run (at predicted mara pace), with 2 other shorter slow runs (5-6 milers).  

    Anybody else come across his plans before?

  • Hi I have just signed up to the Edinburgh marathon yesterday but did not bother with the bus service?

    For anyone who has done this before is it easy enough and better value to use public transport rather than the organised bus?

    I was a bit annoyed after paying a admin fee for signing up no matter what payment method i had used. Why cant they just inlclude this in the price! And also i just assumed travel back to the start would be free but no i was mistaken!

  • Sounds like a good plan Bburn. image

    I got tickets for the bus but dont know if I'll use it or try to talk in-laws into taking their car to the finish... I did the Hairy Haggis Relay this year and the bus back was awful... I swear he was going totally the wrong way at one point.

  • The queues for the return bus last year were horrific and there were less than 10000 runners. God knows what this year will be like with 25000. I'll probably leave the car down in Musselburgh on the Saturday night and get the train back to Edinburgh.

    I reckon the train will be a better bet and much more reliable.

    Anyway, today is my first training day. Well I've been injured (ITB) since before Berlin and have only run once (Berlin Marathon) in the last 6 weeks. The knee now feels good and the physio is happy so it's a gentle 7 mile uphill from my mums house and then for some off road action on Saturday. Literally can't wait for it.

  • good luck with the training R Dave hope the knee holds out

    ive got no choice with the bus im going up alone and travelling on the train, so queue for the bus "here i come"

  •  Although I will have family with me, we are travelling up to Edinburgh on the train, so I will be relying on public transport on the day.

    R Dave - are there trains from Musselburgh back to Edinburgh after the event?

    Also do you have to pre-book the bus back, or can you just queue up?

  • I think you have to pre-book them, I ordered mine when I was booking my place...  If you log back into your account on the Edinburgh website you should be able to order your bus ticket without too much problem.

  • I think the bus is pre-book but there are trains back to Edinburgh after the race. You would think that they would put some extra trains on but oh no. Not at this event!
  • I'm confused.... Your name suggests you're a bloke R Dave but your avitar says otherwise... You really need to get a better sports bra btw. image
  • LOL - It's not really me (honest)

    I just like the hypnotic effect it has on me.

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