Edinburgh Marathon



  • Think I need to change my prediction to a 3.01. We're not running until May and the pressure is already getting to me.

    No running this weekend for me. It's beer, bands and the blades (football - sorry) might be a week or so to recover but hope to do something by Tuesday evening to get me back on the straight n narrow.

    Hope I don't get so drunk that I eat a Donner Kebab - aarrrrggghhhh

  • beer and bands sounds great but BLADES now thats just a step too far image

    P.S  blades have never been football lol, if you want to see football come and see the spireites imageimage

  • mornin' hoping for a time of around 4hrs, but thats based purely on recent half mara' times. injured at the mo' but cant wait to get back out there ('cos ive got new shoes!!)

    good to see some 'smaller' clubs supported on here- Bristol City for me!

    R Dave.........best Avatar ive ever seen!image

  • Mr Plodder is a Bristol City Fan! Since I dragged him "up north", he mostly has to make do with away matches.

    No prizes for guessing who I support ........Blackburn Rovers - Come On You Blues!!image.

    I'm also having a beery night tonight (curry will be involved image), so long run tomorrow will probably go out the window.

  • good work mr plodder!!, a few years ago, i worked for a company whos northern branch was managed by a guy called Bill Bancroft, he was the then chairman of Blackburn Rovers! ive been up to Ewood a few times in the past met a few of the players (ex players now) and had a good look round the dressing rooms etc......(not a patch on Ashton Gate mind!)image
  • Nice One Towner!

    Ashton Gate's not tooooo badimage, Drink Up Ye Cider!!!!

  • 2.30hrs

    R-Dave - 3.01

    Beavis - 3.45
    Gold Pig - 3.59
    RunningKate - 3.59

    Towner - 4.00
    DeeDee24 - 4.15

    Angela Gill2 - 4.31
    Bburn Plodder - 4.31 

    Running Tortoise

    R-Dave...you need to get a grip. Whats wrong with a Kebab and who else supports the blades. Have they got over the Tevez thing yet.image

  • im having a relax night gonna enjoy the extra hour in bed then up for porridge and off to the worksop half for me, a PB would be nice, but just to make it round with no probs is always a plus image
  • Angie...good luck for tomorrow. I'm sure you will do well, but try more liquid and a gel and see how it goes.

  • Did the 10miles this morning in the pishing rain and can now say two things for certain

    1. My running jacket is NOT waterproof
    2. What you eat/drink the day before has a HUGE impact on your training...

    We went into Manchester chrimbly shopping & to see Pink (brilliant) yesterday, so we didn't hydrate that well really, then went to Hard Rock for tea (nachos followed by chicken burger & fries) and boy did I know about it today.  I've run that distance a few times now but today felt unbelievably hard, had to keep visualising the bit ot the marathon that I ran in my leg of the relay to keep my legs going.

    Welcome to the 5hr slot Running Tortoise.  Seee how friendly I am???image

  • Bburn plodder,

    I think you should of waited a little while before declaring your support going on today's performance, can't say too much as you beat "The Mighty Villa" a couple o' weeks ago and we couldn't even beat a loads of Yam Yam's today.

  • Morning all,

    I posted an introduction earlier in this thread, but haven't been on recently I think I have been trying to forget I am doing a marathon next year lol!

    Got a reminder though as Macmillan have emailed me about raising sponsorship money for them.  So I have to get back into gear now (or at least thinking about it!).

    How many miles are you all doing at the moment?  I am doing 3 or 4 runs a week, long run 10 miles, ticking over at 20 to 25 mpw at the mo.  It is all I can manage just now, but feel like I should be doing more before proper training starts after new year?

    Feel fit, and runs are good though, so is there any reason to increase yet?


  • Beeber I am currently running similar to you - 3 times a week one either hills or track work, 1 80% six miler and a further long run (10 miles at the moment).  Althoug last week total miles = 0 as had new granddaughter so kept busy - starting agin today with long run.

    Caz thanks for the welcome - are you from Manchester or just visiting

  • Congrats on the new granddaughter, I have an 18 month old girl and she is fab! 

     That does sound really similar to what I am doing, I want to up to a minimum of 4 times, but proving a little difficult at the mo.  This will have to change soon when the real marathon training begins though!

    I will be aiming for 4.30 to 5 hrs to finish based on my half times, but who knows on the day?

    Just come back from long run, and got absolutely drenched from mile 3.  Still told myself it will get much worse early next year and not to be such a wuss!  Completed 11 miles with squelchy trainers, nice lol.


  • Tortoise, we were just visiting... Had tickets to see Pink so decided to take the day off work and combine it with a spot of retail therapy.  I'm in Bradford, so not too far away... Less than an hour if the traffic is good.

    With you on the squelchy trainers Beebers, mine were soaked on Saturday... Hoping they've dried out for tonights run.  I'm doing 2 shorter runs midweek and then a LSR at the weekend so about 20miles a week building up to 32 I think my longest week is.

  • Bburn plodder - gutted about the thrashing we received.  Sure we will do much better against Man U, right??

     Something I am never sure about - I try and schedule in 3-4 runs a week and also do spinning, bodypump and Pilates.  However with one thing and another I sometimes end up not running for a week - should I just carry on with the runs I have scheduled for that week or take it back a week?  i.e. if I was supposed to do an 8 mile long run last week but missed it should i do it this week or just go for 9 miles?  And what if I missed my weekday runs - should I still up the long run miles or keep it at the same length as the week before?  I always feel like I keep having to re-start training if i miss a few runs so any opinions would be appreciated!

  • Personally I'd do the week I missed, but not sure if that's the right answer.  I do know that if you jump up the mileage too quickly you risk injury.  With the other stuff you're doing, you should be ok with 3 runs a week, no point jamming too much in and burning yourself out or not enjoying it anymore.
  • Well that's it I have entered ! This will be my second Marathon after stumbling around New York in 2004 in just short of 5 hours. I got injured a month before NY and only ran one 14 miler in training, to say it was gruelling was an under statement so I am hoping to prepare properly for this one.

    Ran the Stroud Half yesterday in just under 2 hours so thinking 4.30 for the marathon.

  • Welcome on board Rob and hope you stay injury free.

    I broke my toe on Friday night and couldn't be any more down in the dumps about it. I think my body does this to me just to stop me from running

  • I've signed up for this as my first marathon. I'm having mini panic attacks about what I've let myself in for!

    I ran my 2nd half marathon 2 weeks ago in under 2hrs & I got a surge of motivation to attempt the full 42k.

    I'm hoping to achieve sub 4 hrs, with some dedicated training, I reckon I could do it (if there are no other issues on race day)

    I've been running every 2nd day all year, so I figure I'll just give that some purpose with a proper training programme.

    I'm rather excited in a nervous way! Need to get my accommodation sorted asap

  • I am lucky the wife is Scottish and all her family still live up there so I will have free accomodation but it will mean a 30 miles train journey on the morning of the race. I would love to go under 4 but I think that may be to fast for me so aiming for 4.30
  • thinking about signing up for this as my maiden marathon.

    I've been rejected from London again, and i'm looking for another marathon to run, i'm waiting to see about the possibility of a merseyside marathon, but that decision has been delayed. i dont want to leave it too late to get into this one.

    Just one question, hotel rooms etc, are they easy to book on the weekend off this race?

  • Hi Guys, I've been off line for a couple of days. OMG, 5-0, embarrasing! Ah well ! As Running Kate says, it's Man U next, so what's the problem...................image

    I managed 15 mile LSR on Sunday, so I was very chuffed with myself.

    R Dave - nightmare - how did you break your toe? 

    Jay, I managed to get a hotel no problem, but it was a bit of a posh one, I decided I deserved it, if I'm doing a mara image.  I managed to secure a special offer where the kids go free (I suspect they hadn't realised that there's a big event on that weekend).

    If you read back Angela found a reasonable B&B and I think a few people have booked the travel lodge with no problem.

  • I tried to cut the corner at the top of the stairs and crunch - straight in to the spindle things.

    Think it will set me back around 4-6 weeks but not too worried. I was only planning on ticking over until January time so it's not like I'm missing out on lots of racing or anything.

  • Is this race full?
  • I'm pretty sure it's still open. I think I entered last year in February.

  • Ouch R Dave, sounds painful
  • It was - but would have been much worse if sober - LOL
  • Ah yes, beer injuries image
  • Myself and 2 mates entered yesterday so it should be still open !
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