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  • Think it closed last year in December so you should be fine at the moment.

     Bburn Plodder - good work on the 15 miler.  I feel way behind, I am only up to 7.5 at the moment but as long as I can stick to my schedule I should be up to 15 miles by January and then I can start the 'proper' training.   Just crossing fingers for no illness or injuries...

    Sore today, did a 4 miler yesterday lunchtime with some intervals then went to spinning class in the evening.  Spinning is evil!

  • Did my first ever marathon in Dublin a couple of days ago and already thinking about my next one.  Someone told me Edinburgh is a pretty flat course, is that true?  There seemed to be a lot of hills when I was there in May for the Heineken cup final (oh, sweet day)!
  • It starts up by the castle and finishes at Musselburgh down by the firth of forth. So it is hilly - but it's all downhill to Musselburgh and then about 13 miles out and back which is reasonably flat
  • How was Dublin btw? - considering it for next Autumn
  • Dublin was ace - 12 and a half thousand runners and good support from the spectators for most of the route.  We had decent weather too - it was almost too warm even.  I'd definitely recommend it, but then I have no other marathons yet to compare it too!
  • Kosie, does Dublin get full?

    I was also thinking about doing it, but didn't want to sign up until after Edinburgh..........just in case I hate it and never want to do any other marathon again!!!! 

  • Mr CS got an email through to say Edinburgh is at over 50% on entries already... So anyone hedging their bets, dont leave it much longer...

    Got another 10miler this Saturday, please dont let it be pishing down with rain again.

    Isnt Edinburgh billed as being one of the fastest marathons due to all the downhill sections?? Gotta love those downhills...  Isn't it only like the 1st 8miles that are hilly or something and then it flattens out??   I can cope with hills at the start, its when they chuck a sneaky one in towards the back end of a race that my legs just go "oh you have gotta be kidding!!!"

  • Hi guys, I've signed up for this.  Hope to break 3 hours, although I am doing this a month after Stratford (not sure about the wisdom of that, oh well) and I don't know if I have it in me, but I'll give it my best shot!

    R Dave - Just shown everyone in the office your pic, good work! image
  • Hello People,

    Have just entered this race. Didn’t bother entering London this time and was torn between this and Paris. Decided to stay in the UK.

    Did Loch Ness 3 weeks ago which I would highly recommend if anyone is looking for a marathon next Autumn. 3:55 was my first time under 4 hours so was more than pleased on what is a reasonably demanding course.

    Have only run 3 times since then and am still feeling sore in places. At least as Edinburgh is a bit later in the year I won’t need to get too serious until after Christmas. Hopefully the well advertised ‘fast course’ should help me get somewhere around the same time.
  • The avatar - it's so hypnotic
  • hi all, just checking in, am currently nursing a sore achilles, but have done a couple of very steady 5 milers this week. hopefully start ramping up some serious miles in the next few weeks but, obviously wont be pushing it too much.
  • I had a lousy weekend, didn't get any running in at all, had to work Saturday & Sunday image.

    Managed 4 miles on Monday night, but that's it. I may try to do an 8 miler tonight, although it lashing down here at the moment. I suppose I should be positive and think of it as an opportunity to try out my new winter jacket !!

  • Hi - anyone got any thought on a training schedule for this ? Most plans seem to be based around 12-16 weeks.... given that this is not until May - what's the best approach... follow one of these plans and then fill the gap by trying to maintain form ? Just stretch out  an existing plan to cover 6-7 months ? Aim to do a marathon early next year to have something to train for ? All suggestions welcome !

  • Teuchter - I know what you mean, I was wondering a similar thing...... I decided to have a go at building up my mileage until Christmas, slow & steady, and then start a 16-18 week plan after the New Year.

    I suppose it depends where you're up to at the moment. I was roughly doing 20-25 miles a week including a 10mile LSR, so I decided to try to get it up to about 35 miles per week by Chrsitmas (with LSR about 15-16 miles), and then take it from there.  

    Just my idea though, not based on any special plan!!

  • BBurn - thanks for the advice.... that seems to make a lot of sense ! I'm currently doing about 18-20 miles a week, but that's without a LSR run - so I'll think I'll start to build that up over the weekend... are you staggering the LSR mileage distance each week, or just gradually ramping it up  to your 15-16 by the end of tjhe year ?

    I've got the Wesham 10k at the end of this month, and may even look at the Preston 10 - which is a week or so before that.  Even thinkin about adding  in a halfer early in the New Year - just for something to aim at....

  • Teuchter, I have been slowly building up the LSR, adding about a mile each Sunday. I started in September, so I reached 15 miles weekend before last (missed last weekend completely). I was thinking of increasing to 16 miles but not going any further than that until I start the "proper plan" after Christmas.

    I'm doing Wesham 10k too. What time you going for?

  • BBurn  - Wesham last year was my first ever race - I thought it was excellent - apart from being a tad cold and foggy - it was a lot of fun!  I ended up with 49.04 - much better than I expected........ so with the running races I've done since, and good conditions, I'm hoping for around 47-48 min, if the Gods look favourably on me image. How about yourself ?

  • Blimey Teuchter, you're much faster than me, but then I am a plodder image.

    I did Wesham in 59 mins last year. I've since done a PB of 54:12  in May, so I guess I'll be looking to get 53 mins.

  • Hey BBurn  thats a big improvement on your original time..... Have you got any other races planned before Edin ? I was going to line up the Wilmslow  Halfer at the end of March , but now found out that I'm away doing somet else on that weekend already image so I'm looking for an alternative in the North West .....
  •  Run.Gear.Run is the plan i'm using, this allows you to design your pace, day of week for LSR and how long you want your plan to run, i've opted for the 24 week plan and starts on 6th Dec with a nice little 6 miler and builds up to 4 x 20 milers. I used this plan this year for London (i made 1 of the 20 milers a 24 as a test about 5 weeks before mara) and it got me around just fine, see what you think.

  • Hello All,

    Will be using the RW sub-4 hour 16 week schedule. Used this for Loch Ness. I do modify it however. ‘Other things to do’ mean I can only run 4 times a week. Also I don’t think the old body would stand more, I’ll be 60 next month. So I miss the Friday run which tends to be fairly short and I have always done my LSR on Saturday morning. As I said it works for me and hopefully it will help me achieve my second sub-4 marathon.

    Between now and January will just be getting back into the routine and building up the Saturday runs.

    Would be interested to hear the thoughts of anyone who has done this before as I understand the organisation hasn’t been too hot over the past couple of years and I see there’s now a half-marathon starting 2 hours earlier.
  • Beavis - cheers... had a quick look at that running website (not one I've come scross before - I'm guessing it's American?) - and it looks useful. In fact, when I put in the max plan time (26 weeks) - is calculates that I'll be starting from  about 24 miles/week from January onwards - which I think is pretty similar to what BBurn is planning...    I notice it doesn't start pacing runs until the last couple of months or so - do you normally leave it that late, or mix in some tempo a little earlier ?

    Hi Goldeagle - it came in for a fair bit of criticism last year as I recall - I believe some of the water stations ran out of water .. and on one of the hottest days of the year - due to some of the pallets having been nicked the night before...   Supposed to be a flat (slightly downhill) course tho - so good for a first mara -(I'm hoping) -and good for a pb. Some of the people I used to work with up there (RBS) are doing the halfer....

  • Teuchter, apart from Wesham, I was thinking about the Blackburn Winter Warmer 10k on 14th Feb, and maybe the Liverpool half on 28th March, both of which I did this year, so it would give me some interesting comparisons.

    For me I think that would be enough racing before Edinburgh - I'm no spring chicken image

    The organisation is a bit of a worry, from what I understand it's much bigger this year, with more in the full marathon, as well as adding the half too. And it is often hot at the end of May.....

    Difficult to criticise the organisors if stuff got nicked, not really their fault???

  • The half marathon starts an hour or so before the marathon so shouldn't be too much of a problem... Especially for the likes of me who will barely have got going before they start crossing the finish line lol.

    I've only got 2 races planned before it next year... Bradford 10k (my local) and Sheffield Half which I intend to treat as a training run, although another forumite is tempting me to try for a PB in it... Hmmmmmm image

  • I don't want to do too many races next year. I can't imagine I'll be very good at using them for training. I'm too competitive (with myself), and I won't be able to help myself "going for it".


  • As I'm Midlands based I'm probably looking at Bournemouth Half in March (relatives live local) but have noticed Wilmslow on same day. Has anyone done this?

     Then possibly Stratford half in April.

  • Room for an indecisive one in here?

    Edinburgh would be my local Marathon, but would be a step up from my longest previous - only managed a couple of halfs in 2009......

     So, sign up for Full Marathon in May with Meadows Marathon (Half) in March and Chris Hoy Half in April as training events.........or stick to the Half in May as well?

  • Alex, you've got to go for it!! And plenty of time to train as well.
  • Go for it Alex.

    Do the Full in May, you know you want to really !!!image

    It's the first FLM for quite a few of us on this thread, so you won't be alone.

  • Do the full, do the full, do the full... You know you wanna... image

    Had to miss my run last night image after watching out the window at the idiots on the corner holding onto the fireworks until they were ready to wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee bang I figured it was probably best not to run the risk...  Have got 12miles planned for tomorrow though... image

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