Bright, Breezy and Beautiful

Morning all

Here I am brewing coffee and getting breakfast ready for our intrepid moonwalkers.
I'm going to go and pick them up in a bit.
I'll leave the computer on so they can add their bit when they get back :-)



  • I've just finished my Shreddies and I'm about to start getting ready to head out. Looking forward to meeting all the mad Moonwalkers (and supporters) at Hogsmill!!

    Cheers, Soo.
  • Up and not quite awake. Saw some amazing costumes last night at the Moonwalk - the most surreal being the Mayor of Swindon who had a "Dougall" bra on, as their team was all dressed in a Magic Roundabout theme...

    See you at Hogsmill. It's a gorgeous blue sky day :-)
  • Good running and watching to all bound for Hogsmill! Hope the sun shines warmly on you all!
  • What! aren't they back yet?

    Whatever are they doing, it's only 26 miles - should have been home before the clubs closed (maybe that's the problem, perhaps it was pixie's shift pole dancing at Stringfellows).

    FFF Quiz:
    How many of our gallant bunch of superstars got round without a break in the conversation?

    - My money's on 2

    Have a great day all.
  • Which 2, Nick?
  • Welcome back all you Moonwalkers, have a great time in the Hogsmill!

    Off on a day trip to Kent so see you all later...
  • Hello!

    Fraggle, Bune, Helen Wheels, FR and Velociraptor calling Earth. Anyone at home?

    Nick, the words "only" and "26 miles" do not belong side by side.

    Hogsmill beckons. JJ is collecting Pix, RD and Benz now.
  • See you soon guys.
  • Many Many Congrats Moonwalkers.

    How did it go?
  • Any news moonwalkers?
  • congratulations, Moonwalkers!
  • Hi there'd it go ???
  • hoy! fruity reindeer, get back here and give's the report!!
  • Somebody somewhere.........???????????
  • where are you Moonwalkers ???? We want report, gossips, photos ect....LOL

    Well done and I hope you had a good time, we were all thinking of you.
  • Hello! Very drowsy dinosaur disguised as JJ here, and speaking on behalf of a quorum of Forum Moonwalkers...

    Got off to a good start. Playtex City was less cringeworthy than it could have been, and the hermetically sealed organic vegetarian food was remarkably pleasant. The place was busy and lively, the entertainment was good, and the baggage storage was extremely well-organised.

    The start was delayed slightly due to pressure of numbers (allegedly) and the first few miles were very slow due to crowds and bottleneckng. It improved later, especially once the half-marathoners had separated from the full-mooners.

    Helen Wheels and I managed to lose everyone else at the start. We met FR, Bune and Fraggle later, and dragged FR along with us for the rest of the walk. Bune and Fraggle stopped after 15 miles because Fraggle was having a lot of problems with her knee, and they very kindly arranged for us to have coffee waiting at the end. We took about 7 hours 45 mins to get round. EP, Hippo and RD came in a little later.

    Huge thanks to JJ for picking us up and looking after us - showers, gorgeous soup and coffee, and a chance to meet her lovely fmily.
  • ...And the event itself? Well, after the lively start it sort of squibbed out and was just groups of people, some in fancy dress, plodding round London. There was little crowd support (not surprising at that time of night), a bit of heckling (FR received some surprisingly unkind comments), and the marshalling was fantastic. Well done and thanks, all you volunteers who bothered to turn out and managed to stay so cheerful and encouraging.

    Had I not had Forumite company, I think I would have slit my throat from boredom. I won't do this one again. I will, however, be back at Hogsmill next year, though not dressed as a fairy.

    Especially well done Womble, who was 6th in the Moonwalk AND did Hogsmill.
  • we need photos josie!
  • I agree with Vrap, it did get monotonous, I was expecting a real carnival atmosphere but there wasn't any. The marshalls were great but the walkers just walked along head down. Maybe it was tiredness!

    I don't think I'd do it again.

    Having said that, it was agood chance to dress up!!
  • what did you dress up as ian'?
  • A fairy wearing a purple tutu with orange trimmings!
  • In Touch with his Inner Poof Fruity Reindeer

  • what did you all do afterwards? i was thinkning you wern't at the moonwalk, explain what it is to me, is it a nighttime marathon? i really don't understand
  • 26.2 mile walk around London, 'power walking', with running not allowed. Event was in aid of Breast Cancer charities and features ALL entrants swearing a bra, visibly. Most decorated it and the forum theme was purple fairies. Someone somewhere has piccies...

    Diversion: Started at 11pm, but V-rap and myself didn't get over the line until 11.32pm and thought we were playing catch -up all night. We finished when the clock said 7:19, so I think that makes it a bit less than 7:45 elapsed walking time.

  • Err, above 7:19 can't be right... was it 7:46:19?
  • Boing!
  • is everyone unconcious?

  • even RR isn't here, and that's strange!
  • Im half dead
  • but here none the less?

    on call benz?
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