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Ok I know people have been ripped apart for asking totally none running Qs but a teen girl I know thinks she wants to be a fashion buyer and I wondered if anyone on here works as such and can tell her what she really needs to know about getting qualified and what the job is actualy like.



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    Non-running Qs - that's what Clubhouse is for!!  image

    Having worked in retail for a while a few years back, most junior fashion buyers were coming in via the graduate route and/or from the fashion colleges.  To be honest, the junior jobs were really goffers, but it was all experience and if you can prove yourself then eventually you can move through the ranks.  I think it's very competitive though.

    You don't mention how old the teen is, but if she's still at school perhaps she can get some work experience during the holidays in a shop or perhaps at a fasion magazine, and also get a weekend job in a fasion store.  If she's really set on becoming a fashion buyer the more interest she can show in fashion the better, such as making her own clothes, knowing the latest trends etc.

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