Have you thrown up while running?

Sorry to lower the tone somewhat but,

I watched the mens marathon on tv this morning, which was very good.
The chap in second, Mutai, threw up a couple of times near the finish and again after he finished.

To throw up while running must mean you've got to be pushing your whole body to the absolute limt.
Obviously, you could just have a plain old bad gut, but if it's purely down to effort, then that's pretty hard core.

This may sound a very weird question, but have you pushed yourself so hard while running that you've said hello again to your gels and energy drink?

I think I look forward to your replies.


  • Never thrown up during a race, but threw up at the end of a 10k once, and nearly did another time after a fast five-miler.

    Was quite pleased with myself as it meant I'd been pushing close to my limit image

  • I have come close once, but I avoided it.

    I have seen a number of people chunder in races though.

  • In a 10k where I was trying to beat a rival i just passed them before  the finish line, staggered out of the tunnel and threw up all over a new shiny BMW
  • Oh yes, on a 10k a couple of years ago. Having had a sip or two of red bull before the start, did not sit well and the truely technicolour yawn at the 7k distance was not pleasant.
    Have never touched the stuff since image
  • Years ago when attempting to start running. Mr P had been coaxing me and I'd never made running the whole distance...this time I caught him and had run the lot ...only to puke immediately we stopped
  • Did a x-country in Jan with a serious hanngover. Was hoping not to run but the club was fielding a weakened team already. Puked up a mouthful as soon as crossed the line. Tried to surreptitiously spit it out behind a tree but was spotted. V. embarrassing
  • Out running last week with a mate and at one point he had to stop with severe stomach cramps. Kept going again and had to stop again just as we got home. Rushed into the house and pebble dashed the pan as the world fell out of his bottom. Appears it had been well churned during the run and was desperate to come out. Not vomit, but a lot more embarrassing if he not managed some self control....
  • kind of - have retched badly a few times in training sessions where it's just been one run too many in a row and body has let me know it. Never actually thrown up (does throwing up a little into your mouth count? Yuck I know TMI)
  • Winking Giraffe wrote (see)
    Out running last week with a mate and at one point he had to stop with severe stomach cramps. Kept going again and had to stop again just as we got home. Rushed into the house and pebble dashed the pan as the world fell out of his bottom. Appears it had been well churned during the run and was desperate to come out. Not vomit, but a lot more embarrassing if he not managed some self control....

    I have never vomited, something similar happened to me, on my way back from my run. I was experiencing stomach cramps and the last two miles I had to walk and keep stopping it was that badimage

  • Have you never sh&t in the woods?
  • Chocolate Moose wrote (see)
    Have you never sh&t in the woods?
    Give that it was a built up area not really applicable in this case. He could've jumped behind a garden shed I suppose...
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    <makes careful note of thrower-uppers, for future races>
  • Yup- in the bike leg of my first (and only ) triathlon. Also ,VERY nearly, at the de-chip zone of a recent 10k- thought I was going to puke on the volunteer's head! (got a PB though!!)
  • I can throw up sometimes after a really fast training session. More, I find I get constipation after a long run, even if I hardly eat. I did 20 miles fast and felt a little sick for a hour afterwards. I find that restricting my diet keeps my weight down and I make sure my stomach is totally empty before any exercise.

    I always leave a min of 8 hours before running and only eat 2 small meals a day - just enough to get me by, without excess, and it works...image

  • Never done it myself, but remember once dropping out of a school cross country race. As it was a series of laps I was for once able to see the first few finish. The first one smashed the course record & threw up, his twin finished second, also breaking the old record, and nearly chucked up, third was our school's first runner, who broke the record for one of our pupils, and he promptly chundered.

    Three or four minutes later, at the time when I would normally have finished, they were all recovered, and looked fresh as daisies!

  • yes i have thrown up during a race and after

    as for energy gels and drinks - i never touch them - they don't really agree with me much  

  • blimey Km, I'm sure thats not the most sensible approach but who am i

    I was nearly sick at the end of my first ever race after pelting it to the finish! I think its so funny when they film the athletes being sick but then keep on filming  and they keep being sick! Thanks for that !!! Its all about adrenaline though isn't it so i guess its a natural response - still grim though image

  • I once suffered bad travel sickness on the way to a half Marathon. I was sick twice before the start, then managed to throw up again just after the gun went off, much to the horror of my fellow competitors!! I still can't go past the post office where it happened without thinking about it.

     Really I should have pulled out, but my family were there and it was my first race back after a nasty injury so I felt the need to carry on!

     I still went on to the finish the race though, although it took me a lot longer then my normal half marathon efforts!!

  • I threw up after my second marathon at London in 1996...it was a hot day and I had struggled all the way round, and after getting my stuff and limping up to Trafalgar Square I went into a news agents to get some water. It was so hot in there that I felt the wave of nausea wash over me, and I had just enough time to throw some coins at the proprietor and run outside before covering the pavement.

    The fact that I had running kit on meant people passing by didn't bat an eyelid - tehy must have thought 'just another marathon runner puking'!! Not too sure if the news agent is still there, but if it is, and you're passing by, look at the pavement and think of my sick!!

  • Hopefully the sick has gone by now Simon.

    I've had plenty of sick burps but not actual sick.....yet.
    I'm sure my time will come.
  • I managed it before the end of my first race (a 5k race for life), most times if I get my strategy right I manage to get to the finish line before retching, but didn't manage it in my last race and ended up walking 200m of the last 400m.

    Also managed it yesterday, when I ran up the so-called "cardiac hill" in one go for the first time.  I get round actually being sick by not eating 3 hours before. I should point out that I'm not fast, but I wouldn't be caught dead not doing my best in a race.

  • I keep my meal portions light and non- stodgy. Most of the time I'm on the verge of hungry and when I go running, my stomach has been empty for a while. I have over-done it on a hot day on the track, but only brought up bile, and even that was small. Very rare this affects me. At school, before a X Country run, we never ate before hand, where some people did. I got selected, with some of our group - the others barfed!
  • I was dry heaving in Shorne Woods during the rather hot North Downs 30k this year.  No actual vom as I think I had sweated out all the water in my body. 


  • Killermiles, if that's you in your avatar, you seriously need to up your calories.


  • I barfed after the Glasgow Women's 10k earlier this year - felt it coming about 8k & managed to hold onto it until I passed the line. Not pretty or attractive, but boy did I feel great once it was up image

    Have also come close to it a couple of times since, but have no wish to repeat that performance!

  • I've dry heaved after a couple of races, and have been disappointed, if I'd run harder I could have blown chunks and got a better time.
  • The first time I was sick was in a cross country race in 6th form at school (quite a while ago), I was running up the last big hill, had overtaken two people to get into third, tripped and puked into the hedge....see you later medal place image and it was caught on camcorder - double trouble! 

    When I took up running again in 2006 I puked at the top of every hill. They were fun times...I managed to retrain myself to keep it in after a while thankfully!

    Now I get away with not being sick so much, I was last ill during a 10k last year, behind some bins that smelt like wee...eeeeew!

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