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Hi guys,

After spotting a couple of weight-loss threads on here I thought I'd plug my website called Weight Log. It's a very simple log that lets you record your weight over time and generates weight and BMI graphs to track your progress. 

It's free, not-for-profit, and there are no adverts. This is not a spam post image It's just a simple site using software I put together for myself and decided to open it up to anyone else who'd like to track their weight. 

Apparently I have 978 users, many of which have public profiles and graphs, so you can take comfort in seeing other people's efforts. I have a seperate website for myself that I use to record all my runs, and it does useful things like calculate my pace and collate my improvement over time, and if there's any demand I might look to integrate it into the Weight Log site. Would anyone be interested in being able to generate various graphs of their runs over time?

All feedback welcome, ta!


  • Yeah? No? Oh... image
  • Sounds like a great facility for people to use. I'm a database programmer so I make little things like that for myself and find it very enjoyable to look back and compare runs, rates of progress etc. If you get your running section integrated I've got 20 years of runs (about 2000 runs) I could upload to it. It illustrates horribly how much longer it takes to get fit at 57 than it did at 37.
    You can only make it available and if people like it they'll use it.
  • Hi Michael, thanks for the reply. An example of my run logging site is here and I recently tested the generation of a graph which shows my weekly milage total here.

    It'll be no surprise to you that I'm also a database manager by trade. The running log is very simple. You enter distance in miles or KM and it'll generate average pace and keep track of the weekly total, with all of the analysis tools you see there. 

    Pretty simple stuff but pretty useful I find, and much better than paying a commercial site to do it image

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