Blisters on arches

I know there are a lot of threads on this subject but I have not found my answer.

 Currently own Asics Gel at the moment and have had no problems, brought some more Asics and have had terrible blisters on the arch of my foot, I have read that Asics do cause blisters on the arch of the foot so I'm going to try a different brand, but which one? Any advice.

 Also when looking at structured/stability shoes it stated that the shoe would be slightly built up on the inside to correct the common condition of mild pronation but I don't want a shoe that supports my arch as that why my Asics where giving me blisters, so at the moment I'm confused as to which shoe I'm going to go for?

Thanks for any adviceimage


  • Thanks for the link Johnny J I have taken a look.image

    I think the reason I have had blisters is that I'm very flat footed and the arches in the Asics where too high but I have also read that flat foot runners are better with support under the arches, so some shoes have a raised arch of a hard material so it's designed to put the arch in the right position. Am I making senseimage

  • I'm mega flat footed and used to suffer bad blisters on my arches, went and got myself fitted for trainers and ended up with Brooks GTS9's, ran 39miles on thursday and not a single blister or hot spot image
  • When researching shoes brooks came up quite a lot as a favourite for flat footers so did NB. Still looking into it thoughimage
  • i've had problems with blisters the two times i've had asics. never a problem with new balance or nike.
  • I too developed blisters when I ran in asics.  I run in Brooks now and havent had any probems since.
  • Same with me, horrible blisters on arches with Asics, tried Brooks, no blisters, but hated them, currently running in Nikes and all is good.
  • Thank you for the advice re Brooks. I have Asics

    further to getting videoed and foot rolling in

    being noted, but after 3miles, without fail, regardless

    of socks, blisters it is!
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