Anyone training for a marathon in Norfolk area!

Okay i know i have really limited my search but i gotta try - i was wondering whether anyone from the Norfolk area (Beccles/Norwich) is training for the London Marathon 2010 and is quite slowish (10min miles).  I am currentl building my base to 20 miles a week running 5 times a week and although i enjoy the short stints i know when the long runs increase i am gonna get bored - so would like to hear from you if you want a buddy!


  • I live outside Norwich, towards Watton, I am currently training for a HM, and my long runs are currently 11 miles, next week is 12.

    My HM is 13th Sept, and after that I am starting my training for my potential ballot place in the VLM, and if I don't get in, I'll be doing a different marathon around the same time.

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    Hi Beanie - I'm probably a little far away (just south of Diss), but would be happy to meet up for the odd Sunday run sometime. I am currently injured, so out of action for a while. But will be aiming for London in the spring, or like Danowat another spring mara if I don't get a London place.  Once those long run sessions come around I'd be glad of someone to run with....I do far too many on my own!

    I can recommmend some pre-VLM races in Norfolk / Suffolk. If you haven't done these before then try the Norwich Half (end November usually) - good to get a half in that time of year I think to set you up nicely for your London training plan. And then in the spring I'd recommend the Bungay 20k and the Wymondham 20mile, which are both excellent events.

    Danowat, are you doing the Robin Hood half? I am entered in the full but won't be running unfortunately because of the injury. But I hope you enjoy it!

  • No, I was going to do the Robin hood, but decided it was too far away and plumped for the Grunty fen in Ely.

    I am planning on doing the Norwich HM too.

    I used to live close(ish) to Diss, in Pulham.

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    Not done the Grunty Fen before Danowat - I do agree about Robin Hood, a bit far to go for a half!

    My husband used to live in Hingham many years ago, closer to your neck of the woods I think?

    Norwich HM is pretty good. It's a 2-lap course with one nasty hill at about 6 & 12 miles. Well organised, although if it is cold then wrap up very warm even before the start - the changing and waiting areas are in the showground animal sheds and there is no heating whatsover!

  • Hingham?, yeah, pretty close to me!!!!!
  • Hi you two - danowat - you way ahead of me at the mo my longest run at the mo is 5 miles! 

    I am coming back from injury after running the Norwich half last year - i was extremely cold before hand which didn't help - 5 months later i got my special insoles following visits to the biomechanic team and slowly building my base up - currently 8 weeks into a 10 week schedule to build me up to 20miles and week then another 10 week schedule to build me up to 30 miles a week should then bring me nicely to Christmas for the 16 week training to start - so may take you up on after christmas long runs (am very slow though!)

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