5 weeks on

Hi everyone - 5 weeks ago I decided to try my hand at running and I'm surprised how much I'm enjoying it and how much I have improved.

Could only run for 5 minutes on the first attempt so then I found this site and decided to do it properly! On Sunday I ran 10k in 1 hr 8 which was better then I expected. I'm now a bit stumped as the best way to continue. I would like to be able to run faster 5 and 10ks and at some point in the future do a 10k trail run.

Should I stick at running 30 minutes  2 or 3 times a week with a longer run at the weekend and eventually build in some speed work/ hills? Is it worth me building up my distance, not sure if this will help me to be faster? I'm guessing if I eventually want to run off road I need to increase my muscle power

By the way I'm 45 but have a fairly good level of basic fitness

Thanks for any tips



  • If you want to get your 10k and 5k times down, search out a 10k training schedule and use that, a good one should cover all bases, easy runs, long runs and some tempo / speed work, and training for a longer distance should get your 5k time down too.

    Well done on the progress BTW image.

  • I agree with Danowat find a 10k schedule that fits in with your lifestyle and then have a go and enter another race

    good luck and enjoy

  • Thanks for the advice - I will start a 10k training programme after my holiday and hopefully get my time under an hour
  • Good luck with reducing your times!  I only started a few months ago, and that is one of my goals now.
  • Angie -  Congratulations on your progress to date - that sounds really positive and it's great that you're enjoying it so much. image 

    A good way to progress from here might be to seek out a local running club to join. They are normally happy for you to run with them for a few weeks before deciding whether or not you want to join. Once you're part of a group there will be no end to the organised runs, races and social events you can get involved in.

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