Place for Beachy Head Marathon going spare...

Hi all,

I have had to drop out of doing the Beachy Head marathon due to ITBS and other health issues, so I have a place going spare. Please PM me if interested. Don't worry if you don't hear back immediately, I only have access to a PC during the daytime.

image grumpy Sossidge


  • Hi DS,

    I would be very interested in taking your Race number off of you due to your injury.

  • Hi Nokka

    I'm afraid you've been pipped to the post - I had an email from another runner shortly before your reply.

    Many thanks though!

  • Oh Nokka, thinking about it, go the the Beachy Head thread and see if Beebs still has a place up for grabs - she had 2 going a little while back.
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