Adidas Adizero Mana

my first 10k in a pair of racing trainers, I ran the Birchwood 10k and got a new PB in these.

i was concerned about whether I'd end up with pains in my knees & shins due to the lower amount of support & cushioning in a racing shoe, as I have a slight overpronation and usually run in either Asics Kensei 2 or Saucony Paramount because they offer good support but also good cushioning. I've suffered with shin splints and sore knees so far after upping my mileage to about 25+ a week over the last few months.

today, I'm frankly stunned as I suffered virtually no pain at all in my feet, knees or lower legs whilst running in the Mana during the race (at quite a hefty pace for me), and I've suffered no bad after-effects today at all! My legs & knees feel absolutely fine.

does anyone else run/race in the Adidas Adizero Mana shoes and what do they think of them? I highly recommend them - although obviously not everyone else is like me image


  • I've got the Adios shoes and their also great. The amount of cushioning for the weight is excellent and they feel so natural and responsive.

     Like yourself I also usually wear support shoes however the Adios is a neutral shoe and I've had no problems at all.

     The Mana has abit of support so I'd be tempted to get some of them for running a marathon.

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