ASICS Gel Cumulus 11

Hi All

Anybody have opinions on these ?

I have had a gait analysis and seem neutral and started running in a part of Adidas Litestrike (hobby runner so these were cheap).  I have had no problems with running pains and the ASICS seem to get a good write up but just gauging opinion as I have my first marathon later on this year and am thinking about getting a new pair of shoes with perhaps a little more cushioning than I am used to

All comments welcome 


  • try them before buying if you can - and try a few other neutral runners on from other brands before deciding. go with what feels best on your feet as they will all feel a little different

    I used to be a fan of Cumulus but they changed the sole construction after version 9 and it felt very different underfoot which I didn't like. I now run in Nimbus which is better
  • I bought a pair a few weeks ago, I picked up a foot injury in my first outing with them so have only managed 20km with them, split between a 15km and 5km run. Overall I like them, perhaps not as much as my old cumulus 9 but I am sure I will grow to love them just as much.

    My only complaint is the tongue, it kinda bothers me, and it's hard to explain why.
  • In my first run in the Cumulus 11 I loved them... until I got to the 2 mile mark and saw blood around my ankles... the hard heal support ripped my outside ankle to shreds...
  • The Cumulus are up to model number 13 now. I like them but that doen't mean you will. Try before you buy and try on as many pairs of other shoes as you can at the same time...

  • Trouble is... they felt perfect to wear... I didn't notice any problems until the two mile mark. The outside of your ankles doesn't seem to have many pain receptors... until it's too late! Lovely shoes otherwise... once the blood blisters heal I'll try them again... but gradually. Like one mile at a time...  lucky I have another pair of trainers I run in until my wounds fully heal...

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