Maintaining pace in a half marathon

I am doing the Windsor half marathon at the end of september, which will be my fourth half since taking up running last year. I have noticed in the previous races that my pace drops off considerably in the last 3 miles, by about about 45 seconds a mile (from 7m15s per mile to about 8m or more per mile). Is there anything that I should be doing in training that can help improve my stamina over the last 3 miles. My training previously has included longs runs of a maximun distance of 12 miles for the last 4 weeks of training.  


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    It may be too late this time round but for next time if you can do regular runs of longer than 13 miles ideally 15+ miles at least every other 2nd or 3rd week from about 12 weeks out that will help

  • Try running the earlier miles a little slower, so that you have some oomph left for the last three.

    The overall pace should then remain about the same.

  • Train over distance to improve endurance, run a tempo run every week and do speedwork!
  • Thanks for the reply guys, it looks like there is no substitute for putting in the miles to improve endurance.  So far I have been using a self created training plan of 3 runs a week, which has served me well so far. These are:

    Monday          7mile tempo run (about 48mins)

    wednesday  7 miles easy  ( includes hills, about 52 minutes)

    Friday            12 miles easy (about 1hr 28mins)

    After posting a time of 1:35 at Reading this year I have set myself a goal of 1:30 next year. My first thought in achieving this goal was that being able to maintain a constant pace throughout would  shave of a couple of minutes and be a step towards my ultimate target.

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