The Garden City 10

Anyone received thier number yet?



  • No, but I only entered online a few minutes ago....

  • Got mine today
  • Got mine today - got a chip too...
  • E-mail today from online organiser  "Your Race Number, Timing Chip and Race Instructions Document are in the post and should arrive shortly".

    Would appreciate any tips from folks who have run this one before as this will be my first time at this race (driving up  from London) eg does 'flat' really mean'flat'...? Cheers!

  • Also hi VicnVin and thanks again for putting on a great show which was the Harlow 10!
  • TNT, I reckon I can safely say that this is a fairly flat race.  It's around the town so it never presents you with a real hill, just a couple of short/sharp rises.  I'm number 133 if anyone wants to say "Hi!".
  • Hi Richard W - thaks for the reply/advice but sorry only saw your e-mail just now; was tucked up in bed at 00:17 and left in  hurry this morning. See you at Copped Hall 5 or Royal Parks HM maybe?
  • TNT, yes it was rather late to respond, wasn't it.  I reckon that the hill at 2 and 5.5 was the only teaser.  Apart from that, fairly straightforward. 

    I'm doing the Copped Hall 5 but not the Royal Parks HM.

  • OK thanks RichardW see you at Copped Hall, then. Opened up a rw thread for that race so will let you know my number on that thread when I get it.  
  • Thanks to all the marshalls involved..the city was a bit difficult to navigate than when I was last there as a kid so thanks to those lovely passers by in WGC in giving me last minute directions...and to the two trent park runners who were also running late..think we made it to the start by jogging to the start line by 2 nearly didn't make it...all in all having got changed in the car and dashing to the line..very happy with the event..great marshalls and organiszers..(could you make the print out a larger font next year?!) as very hard to find if not local...

    Nice 10 miler build up for GNR

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