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    Hi Ian, great to know you have entered this year's Macclesfield Half Marathon.

    I was there last year taking photo:

    I think you are more likely to get answers to your message if you started a new thread for this year's race instead of adding to the 2009 thread.

    If you click on this link:

    and then scroll half way down to Forum Discussions.

    KInd regards.


  • Ooops will do.

  • Has anyone got any tactics for Macclesfield? Should you go faster on the downhills and conserve energy on the uphills, or do it all at a steady pace?
  • whats the start like in terms of congestion and people starting in the correct place?

    I know its not a fast course but no chip timing  image

  • I did it in 2008, and it was ok. People are left to position themselves at the start, but most people were sensible. I think there was a bit of congestion as you leave the running track though.
  • The start has been altered slightly this year in that you do one and three quarters of the track before hitting the tarmac, should give the field some time to spread out?

    The biggest hill is Whirley Lane at around mile 10, make sure you leave some in the tank for it.

  • less than a week to go and my First Macclesfield Half Marathon...!!

    These Hills are starting to worry me!

    If i can get round in 2 hrs 10 i will be very very happy.

  • Hi Andrew,

    I have just spotted that you have added a message for this year's race but on an old Forum Thread, one for the 2009 race.

    I honestly think you will get more responses if you were to start a 'new' thread for the 2012 race.

    This is the link:

    I will be at this year's race again taking photos which can be downloaded for free.  I have a banner promoting the race on my website.

    All the best Andrew, hopefully see you there.

    Kind regards


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