I usually don't drink any alcohol 4 weeks before a race.  However I have 2 weddings one week before a 10K race.  Do you think it actually makes that much of a difference?



  • only makes 5 minutes difference to me between running whilst hungover and running a pb

  • i think you will be ok as long as you dont drink for 2 days before
  • FM you are spot on mateimage
  • hi BB

    i seen the word alcohol and i was in at speedimage

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    I ran my half marathon pb the morning after an evening out at the local pizza house and consuming more red wine than was good for me. But maybe I'm just weird.
  • All my pb's have been preceded by mild refreshment the night before and at FLM by substantial. Will never know what might have happened, but if the training has been done, your not an international and apply common sense, I think you should be okay
  • I look forward to a cold can of lager after a long run.Evreything in moderation I reckon.
  • it doesnt make too much difference-in moderation-actually some of my post binge running exploits

    would make your hair curl.

    Think positive,with your running skills you'll be first at the bar and everybodies freind at last orders 

  • A hangover only slows me down by a minute. If your going for a pb don't go over the top. I had a beer the night before my first tri and I was ok.
  • Many moons ago , i ran my first half marathon after helping my mate demolish a barrell of home brew

    the night before the race(and they reckon binge drinking is a new thing). Nowdays, I've run ten marathons and had a couple of pints of guiness the night before all of them.

    A rule of thumb is the same as the police breathalizer, it takers an hour for the alcohol in half a pint of

    average beer too leave the system. However,alcohol is a dieretic,so drink more water to retain maximum hydration

  • I guess it depends on how seriously you take things.  I'm willing to bet Paula, Liz and Mara didn't go out for a "girls night out" in Bejing but I'm equally willing to bet that letting your hair down at a wedding in the weeks before a race isn't going to make the slightest difference to the likes of us.
  • I think the alcohol will be out of your system in a week............just relax and enjoyimage
  • I've drunk beer in an Ironman event during the marathon - not far from the finish some supporters had set up a drinks station with beer, wine just had to be done. I got a PB as well..... image

    tbh - if alcohol is part of your lifestyle I doubt very much it will affect your performance - just moderate the amount you drink before the race. I've never raced without having a drink the night before
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    IMO having a few drinks a whole week before the race won't make a jot of difference even if you're sub-elite.  Any physical effects in terms of dehydration, etc will have completely gone in that time.

    I don't know the drinking habits of elite athletes (are they all teetotal? Bet they're not) but from knowing a few club runners up to a very good level, moderate alcohol consumption seems to be the norm and I don't know many people who abstain completely for extended periods of time before a big race.  As long as it doesn't hinder your training and the overall volume isn't huge (there are 'empty' calories in alcohol after all) I really can't see the problem.

  • I think it depends on your definition of "having a drink".

    If you mean a couple of beers, or glasses of wine, then it won't make any difference at all.

    If you mean getting totally wasted, then it might.

    I got a 10k pb last year in an afternoon race, following a lunch of moules and frites, and half a bottle of rose image image

  • and I suspect Wilkie, that you, me and a few other forumites might have a little drinkie or 12 DURING an upcoming marathon........

  • I am not an elite athlete ergo drinking will not effect my performance by having a drink or two the night before an event

    whose round is it?

  • Oh dear me yes, FB image  Be rude not to!

    It's getting very close!  Are you taking your motorhome?

  • not this time - going by train....which I'm quite looking forward to as not been on a TGV yet (done Eurostar and other French trains a few times)

    we booked with 2:09 sports so had to take a hotel as part of the package which sort of defeated the object of taking the 'bago. in hindsight me and P should have tried to get a direct entry and we could have done our own thing but as there are a bunch of us - most you know I think - it was easier to get 2:09 to do a block booking.....
  • Direct entry was easy enough - you can register your interest in advance and they kindly email you when entries open. 

    I've been training hard for both elements of the race image 

  • I have been more focused on the drinking element than the distance!! tri season has seen me and P doing short fast runs rather than mara training!!

    ah well - not in it for a PB...... image
  • I'm hoping to beat my time from two years ago, which was 6:38imageomething (not by too much, though)!

    They still gave us our medals and goodies, I don't think they're very strict on the cut-off  image

    There's a great refreshment tent at the finish too.  More wine, food......  image

  • we are planning on having a few pints of cider to help us on day 2 and 3 of our little jaunt. I wonder if Eddie Izzard is taking a drink or 2 to get through?

    To echo what has been said, if it is part of your life then it is part of your lifestyle to stop cold will through you out. And a glass of red wine the night before a marathon is definitely good for the nerves.

    Wilkie / FB - what are you 2 doing, is it the medoc???

  • spot on GTC.......


  • im running in two weeks a half marathon and its my 30th today. Im having a party so I be drinking loads tonight and enjoying myself. I run to destress and for fun so why should I not drink. I dont stop at all for a 10k but for a half I stop the week before. Im never going to win a race but its up to the individual
  • I agree with everything that's been said apart from D2D... A couple of drinks a week before a race isn't going to make a jot of difference.  Have fun. image
  • So could I consider my 6mile run, followed by 6 pints and kebab last night as possible medoc marathon training?

    Is D2D a real person or a computer generated anomaly?

  • No, no, no GTC.

    You have to run a couple of miles, have a pint, run a couple more, another pint plus the kebab, run a couple more.....


  • D2D is a real live person.  Shocking I know... image

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