Pirates doing the GNR

GNR is my favourite race and will be my come back race after IMUK, the knees and ankles have just about recovered....

anyone other pirates shuffling around gateshead on the 20th?

aim is to crack 90mins this year - last yrs GNR pb 93mins


  • Ill be there for sure image. Blimey 90 mins, I'm hoping to get under 2hrs
  • RC - if you find me on Facebook, in my friends section is a guy called Rob.  He wants sub-2, so follow him image

    He's in Pen D image

    Don't follow me, I am in Pen H image

  • Lol Im behind you vixx in I !! How the blazes I ended up in there could be because its my first time?
  • I got F last year, but ran GNR a week after the Berlin Marathon during which I injured my piriformis muscle in my left hip...... hip went again at 3.5 miles and so came in slower than I had predicted.

    So I can understand why I am in H, but am not that fussed to be honest - it always seems like such a laugh at the back.... image

  • get there early its a busy affair, great race though, take it easy to 8 then push abit to 10 and go on how you feel til 12, steady down the hill then burn it for the last mile.... its feels like torture
  • And I can't wait SS image
  • Thanks SS. I was going to try and do 1 mile 10min then next at 9 and the last 2 miles at 9. I did that in my 10 mile run tonight ok so a couple of weeks yet. Really looking forward to it

  • haile you are grumpy sometimes - im not a beginner , the question was any pirates doing the GNR..

    and regarding boiling testicles - whatever takes your fancy - i'll stick to running the GNR for the 5th time....
  • I've got an entry but may well defer until next year.

    I ran it injured last yearimage and ended up not able to run again until March/ April and I'm not sure if I'm up to it yet.

    If I do it it'll be my slowest for YEARS

  • image I'm in sixth time playing with the south shields massive. GNR is always a good laugh. image
  • I'm not a pirate but I'll be there, third year in a row! Beating my PB of 1 hour 57 would be nice

    Running the last mile along the sea front makes the other 12 miles more than worth it!

  • Are you running in Pirate livery SS?

  • I can't be a pirate.

    Yellow clashes with my orange tan.....image

    But I'm doing GNR and I'm in Fimage

  • Lol LB.

    Ive been chucked in I  image

  • image I still can't work out why I'm in B? Think ever I mis-typed slow rubbish runner or there has been a mistake somewhere? So is anyone in the pirate kit or should I just look out for cans of Stella for identification? We will all hear LB before we see her image
  • I'm in B too Cake if I run itimage
  • Run it, run it. Will be all alone otherwise and always nice to meet folks never seen in the real world. image
  • Cake - I'd love too, but worried about injuring myself!

    Haven't fully recovered from the injury I ran last year's GNR on! and I've only run about 300 miles TOTAL since last GNR.

    I can't make my mind up what to do.

  • I'll let you know if I do decide to run though - and will look out for you in the B penimage
  • It's a odd race you could just run it and enjoy and not pull it to much? I will be not race fit and doing other stuff the week before. Just want to beat LB after she skinned me at Liverpool earier this year.
  • Cake wrote (see)
    image I still can't work out why I'm in B?

    Because its the best chance you've got of beating me, you big pussy and you lied on your form!

    Cake wrote (see)
    We will all hear LB before we see her image

    Can't argue with that! Usually me shouting "COME ON CAKE YOU LAZY SOD!"image

  • But, but, but was honest on the form, come on it's me far to honest all the time.image I've been perpexed since got the number. Maybe putting will give oral for a number on the back did the trick a little to much?
  • I'm trying to work out how I've got to number four in this most active members list!

    I mean, I'm hardly on here at ALL.......image

  • Hello all...

    I ran in the end.

    Really enjoyed it this year.

    Didn't see any pirates.

    How did everyone else get on?

  • i just had a jug round with Mrs WW (ive only ran about 10 times since IMCH and only once over 5miles) relay enjoyed the day

  • I had an absolutley splendid day.

    Got up nice and early and had a steady walk up to the start and by the time I had got there realised that I had drank my 1.5 litre bottle of water!. Decided that I need a slash so decided to que for the loos. One hour later got out of the loos and headed for my start line then realising I didnt really need to que for the loos as everyone was just going to the toilet in the hedges along side the motorway.

    Couldnt get in at my start gate so had to go to the back at this point I was the last runner but a few more came in behind me. More water was passed out so I drank that as we were moving thinking that we would get running soonish. Then we stopped and I needed another pee so dived into the toilets along the run to the start and when I came out everyone had gone image.  I must have been 100 or so yards behind everyone. Excellent way to warm up jog to the back of the pack then we were off image.

    Set off at a steady pace and did get a pirate cheer at on of the small bridges before the Tyne bridge. Managed to see my wife just after the Tyne bridge which was great and had a brilliant run all the way round weaving in and out of all the runners. First Half Mara and did it in 2hrs 18mins. Had a great day out on the course.

    Left Newcastle at about 5pm and the traffic on the A1 was horrendous, it took me nearly 3.5 hrs just to get to Whetherby sevices which seemed to be full of people hobbling around and emptying Burger King of all of their burgers image. Finally got in about midnightish after having an excellent day.

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