Front Ankle Pain

I've just started running (this week) and I'm not really very good at it. On Thursday evening I ran on the treadmill at the gym. By bed time the front of my ankle hurt when I flexed or pointed my toes. It's gone away now . Did I just overdo it slightly (not difficult), do I need different shoes (Aasics - I've had 'em 5 years but only ran 8km max in them), or is it just one of those things that will get better as my fitness improves?


  • Im sorry i can answer many of your questions but i am suffering with a similar thing at the moment right in the front crook of my ankle have no idea what has bought it on but find it is agravated by driving (right foot) possibly caused by driving in flip flops.

    All I can say is if your fairly new to running, just take it easy, if something starts to hurt, take a couple of steps back and however you decide to build it up, do it gradually

    good luck
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