Knee problem

Looking for some advice....I've developed a problem with my right knee. It hurts during running, sort of below the kneecap - and also hurts when I lift off to go upstairs or even to go downstairs - so it's a pain when I go through the bending and then straightening motion. Doesn't hurt to walk though.

Added to that, if I have been sitting with bent knee for a while, or lying down with my legs bent, and then striaghten them, I get a searing pain through the knee (same place), which dulls to an ache for about 10 seconds.

I've been off running for a week, but the pain on straightening is still there. Icing hasn't really helped and it doesn't look swollen.

Anyone had anything similar who could offer advice?  Not sure if this is what they call Runner's Knee or not (I've had a look at the knee section for injuries on this website, and it's the closest match to my pain, but not identical).



  • Sound slike a dead ringer for Runners Knee I'm afraid.

    Does it click too?

    Rest, Ice it every 10 or 15 minutes and keep elevated, and use a compression bandage or sports support - take Ibuprofen, or apply ibuprofem gel to the knee - and investigate root cause - do the stranghtening excercises.

     How long have you been running?.

    Recently upped the mileage?

  • Knees are a nightmare! Just getting back to it after 9 (very long) weeks off. Did lots of reading on knees in that time, with varying results on what 'Runners knee' actually is. I thought I had it, but not so sure now. Like you my symptoms didn't exactly match any of the scenarios. What I have learnt is that the knee is so blinkin complex with way too many components - certainly for my head to get round anyway - that its not neccessarily a spcific injury.

    My advice is go and see a physio - if I'd done that at the beginning I think I may have saved a lot of time and been back running sooner, and it turns out there are a couple of factors causing me knee pain -  IT Band for one (particularly going down stairs) . Mind you, the homework is a killer - its not an easy option!

    Good luck

  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭

    Kicked-it - been running for many years, and have actually been doing less mileage recently (did FLM in April so have done a lot less pw since then).

    Not really sure what specific strengthening exercises to do - I have been doing some to build up my VMO and quads generally, but not sure what else to do.

    Vicky - you're right, I need to sort out a physio

    Thanks both of you

  • It was the quad stengthening ones I was thinking of.

    I have had the same symptoms as you describe, (not aprofessionally diagnosed as runners knee though), and the above worked for me - particularly the constant icing after a run and on rest days.

    good luck with it!

  • Sounds like ITBS to me but you'd be better off going to a physio to make sure.. My physio gave me single leg squats to do for it among other things... If its only just started should be pretty easy to sort out - I found a foam roller was fantastic for keeping it at bay.  Was off for 3 months with it myself so wouldn't ignore it...

    good luck

    mrs w

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