Driving/Leg problems?

Has anyone experienced any leg problems as a result of or agravated by driving.

I find all of my leg probs occur in my right leg which is the break/gas leg and has to do the most work while driving, changing pedals and keeping tense the whole time its on the gas.

Whenever i have a niggle/injury in my right leg i find that driving sort of agravates or makes me aware of it. Has anyone else experience this?


  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    Apparently Ryan Giggs.
  • You don't live in London then otherwise the left leg would hurt.
  • No i dont
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    yes, my left leg is causing me all sorts of trouble, coincidentally at the same time that I got a new car with a very stiff clutch, and started driving to work instead of cycling (one busted tyre wall, one puncture that I must get around to fixing).

    (yes i do live in london!)

    whenever I drive it seems to play havoc with my leg, however when I borrowed my mums car for a few days (with a rubbish, very weak clutch pedal) I didn't feel any trouble.
  • Hey DBSA - can't say that I've experienced this. Tore ligaments and fractured my left ankle a while back and driving in traffic can aggravate this but never had injury caused by driving. Do you drive a lot?
  • No i don't. Im not saying that driving caused it, just feels like it agravates it sometimes, i only really drive at weekends and even then it is only local
  • My physio told me to avoid driving in the first 10 days after a torn calf muscle.
  • yes, I do! I made a complete hash of parallel parking the car outside my house the other day (day after doing two runs) - and it wasn't because I'm female. Both knees were sore, and by the time I got back to the house both legs had gone into spasm. I completely lost control of the pedals (funny now but it wasn't at the time!), my legs were just shaking so badly. Stalled the car three times, revved it ridiculously high and accidentally shot back over the kerb with both rear wheels on the pavement. My neighbour had to rescue me and I couldn't actually stand when I got out of the car, just crumpled onto the garden wall. Very embarrassing, and I won't be driving again when my knees hurt from running!
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