Is there such a thing as deep tissue bruising?


Back in February, I was shoved onto a Tube by some tossclump just as the doors were closing - I went flying onto the floor and the door ended up shutting just above my ankle. I had a massive bruise there which only came up about a week later - other than that, my ankle was fine.

I still have the bruise and the site is still tender when i press it. Has anyone else had similar, or am i a freak of nature? I'm severely anaemic so I tend to bruise easily, but I've never had one like this beast before image 


  • Blimey Sossy, that sounds really nasty.  Have you been to your docs?  Should really have healed by now.  I'm anaemic and bruise really easily too but I've not had one last that long. 

    I would take a trip to your friendly local practitioner.

  • It is probably a mass of broken veins....I still have 'bruises' like that on my legs from a car crash 17 years agoimage
  • Yeah, I was wondering if I need to get it seen to Shimmy, but it's not hurting or bothering me, it just looks a bit odd! The bruise has kind of half healed, so it went all the colours of the rainbow, but it's still black under the skin.

    Good job I didn't fall on my arse image

  • Ooooh that sounds nasty.

    I had a friend who was riding a horse and the thing dropped dead and landed on her. The bruising took 3 months to come out and several more months to clear up totally.

    Like Shimmy says I'd take a trip dowm to the doctors.

  • Ah that could explain it Cas. It's weird though, I've had much worse bruises but they've gone away - maybe it's because it's on my lower leg and I'm on my feet a lot?
  • Blimey Lou-Lou, that's terrible - your poor friend!
  • TDS - Mine are on my lower shin....they are not as dark as they once were but still there and every so often people ask me if I've been in the wars and then I remember they're there again. I think you can have laser treatment for it but I have never actually looked into it.

  • Nearly all my bruises end up like that - they're still painful to touch many months down the line, and one or two have lasted years. There are still lumps up and down my shins and my forearms from my karate days more than 20 years ago.

    I'm jus' a deliate li'l flower...
  • I have some bruises like that too Cas but they dont hurt.  Sossy said that her are still tender, that's why I was a bit concerned. 

    Blimmy Lou-Lou, just dropped dead???? Never heard of that before image

    Bless JJ image *wraps up the lil lep in cotton wool*

  • My friend was totally heartbroken, especially as it wasn't her horse. It was a very highly strung ex-racehorse mare and had a heart attack so would have happened sooner or later

    Thinking about it, my mum got run over by a Mitsubishi Shogun about 12 years ago and the car ran over her ankle. Her ankle is still a funny colour now (sort of purple) and swells up from time to time.

    I know some very accident prone people!!

  • *stays away from Lou-lou*
  • 17 year old bruises were tender for a few years but compared to some of my other injuries, they were pretty minor so I wasn't that bothered by them, but you're right TDS should get it checked out just to be on the safe side.

    Ow ow ow to having your ankle run over and horse falling on you..... <steps to side of the thread with Shimmy and waves to  Lou lou>

  • Actually I think I probably belong on Lou Lou's side fo the thread......I managed to bruise the top of my hip on the steering wheel of our campervan this week just trying to get in!
  • I have some cotton wool left over from wrapping up JJ maybe we should wrap Lou-Lou in it and everyone else she knows. image
  • *wraps self up in cotton wool before approaching Lou-lou* Thta's awful, your friend must have been ever so upset, I can't imagine it image

    I had a terrible car crash when I was in my twenties, but I don't have any 'old' bruising left over from that. Saying that, I developed anaemia since then. I am definitely not a delicate l'il flower like Jj image

    Cheers guys, I'll get it checked out when I next go down for bloods!

  • If you get bruising on the surface of the bone (sub-periosteal haemaotma) it can take ages to settle, and can end up as a permanent lump- dunno that there's much to do about it though...............
  • I bruise easily because I'm often short on platelets. I find a big bruise continues to bleed into itself for several days and I need to avoid exercise until it settles. Once the bruise stops developing I massage the area which is normally lumpy, swollen and sore until the haematoma dissipates and it can take weeks to get rid of the shadow and lump. 

    I had missed this thread but this week I was pondering a related issue.... if I develop lots of bruises for whatever reason (e.g. come off my bike or other accident) I feel crap for several days, really really crap. Just the presence of resolving bruises seem to make me feel rubbish -I'm not talking small bruises but extensive red brusing. I'm sure it's not me imagining it. It's when they turn blue that I know they've stopped growing

  • Interesting thread. I wonder if brusing easily is linked to the CNS being on 'high alert' (above normal responses in terms of pain threshold, allergies, stress etc) ?

    Pig, I thought I bruised easily but mine aren't as bad as what you describe. Poor you.

    It can take a week for a deep purply bruise to disappear... that seems a long time to me... dunno what the norm is?

  • Good theory, mine is linked to my immune system image
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