Gran Canaria marathon 2010

Hi all,

Just signed up for the 1st edition of the Gran Canaria marathon (24th jan 2010), I'm not missing it as it's my hometown and it's about time they did something like this.

If anyone fancies a bit of a run and happens to be around there escaping the winter, have a look.

Registration is 25 euros... at this moment...image

GC marathon homepage.



  • oooh...that looks/ sounds good. Just got back from GC couple of weeks ago. Really liked it, surprisingly so.
  • Forgot to mention, there's a half marathon and a 10k .
  • I'm also planning to do it, I did the half last year and have raced a couple of times over there (my parents live on the island).

  • I went on holiday here when I was a kid  and loved it   the swimming pool at the hotel  which was right by the sea

    I am an ex mararthon runner   my limit is now 20 miles



    Gran Canaria, November 4th, 2009 - Race course has variations from initial itinerary due to street maintenance works, for updated racemap visit

  • 2 weeks to go - anyone else doing this?
  • I`ll be fact just arrived in GC .Nice and worm.Dont miss London at all.Cant wait for tomorow morning run
  • Not jealous in the slightest...

     I fly out next Sunday so at least I've got a week to get used to the weather.  Last year I flew out the night before the half and just wasn't ready!

  • After running yesterday at -2 and tomorow they say will be +24 ,will need two weeks to get used.See you YP in two weeks

  • im there too..get in friday.....
  • I flew over yesterday - hoping it cools down a bit before the weekend - much warmer than the half last year! Someone told me it was 32 degrees on las canteras beach yesterday! Had a nice run at 9am this morning in an attempt to acclimatise, but it could be quite warm by the time I finish!
  • I was on las canteras was 32C yes.

    This "winter" has been quite warm.... race day is supposed to be quite warm.  

    See you guys around, I'll be running the half.

  • Yes mum said it's been warm for a while. I'll get round, just not sure how fast at the moment...
  • See you all on cra**ing myself!
  • Race reports people . Dying to hear all about it...
  • I loved it! 4.23 for me, I started getting a bit dehydrated despite regular supplies of nuun so I eased off, but really enjoyed it. Almost certainly coming back next year.

    Flying home tomorrow so I might do a proper report once I'm on a proper computer.
  • I loved it too.Great expiriance for my first marathon,met Red Panda before start .It was well organaised with plenty of drinks,fruits and weather was just perfect,cloudy and 18C.Pleased with my time too,4:15 and done second 1/2 bit faster then first.Will be there next year too,23/01.
  • Great GOing all of you. The flying Panda did great too, I hear

  • Hi!  Lovely to meet you Tanas!  I thought it was great, well organised, and the best race bag I have ever had...full kit, shorts, technical t-shirt, cap socks and a ruck sack!  Lots of drinks on the course and bananas and fruit too.  We even went to the pasta party which was good and very filling!

    I was pleased with my time considering my lack of training.  I was thinking I would get round, but did not expect the time I got. I found it much tougher than my previous two marathons though, probably due to lack of said training. Speaking of which, when are the results up?? 

    I was surprised how few women did it (I think 31 women out of 570 men!) me out...I was the 16th woman, and the first British woman home! Bet I never get to say that againimage.  I would defo recommend to anyone who wants a good time, very good PB potential. You would have loved it Finn...nobody to clip your heels or run on the kerb to avoid!


  • hi guys...just back ...spent  the rest of my stay down the saaaaf in playa del inglis..not sure what hurt more.....the marathon or walking on those sand dunes down maspalomas way.....any road ..can i just say that after years of running marathons all over the world,i can,t help to be impressed by how well the organisers did with this was superb on all accounts... easy number pick up..volunteers ever so helpfull with any questions...pasta party again first class...platefull of pasta...salad...and desert,plus a drink...all outdoors with a band playing away.....race day itself was top notch..roads coned off to traffic massive support around the coarse..plenty of well stocked feed tables.well visible km markers..plenty of music and dancers around the coarse(especially those scantly clad carnival dancers over by the docks area) could,nt wait for the 2nd lap to come round...nice flat scenic coarse...but for me the best bit was that goody bag...i do,nt know how they did that for the entrance fee.....i managed to do 3.40...i,m marking this one down for a defo return...see you all next year.....
  • Hi RP ,was nice to meet you too and you done very well.You should get e-mail with your time and splits for every 5k or go to web site.I was pleased with my time,even was a bit boring and windy through the port second time round.Unfortunately couldn't go to party after,misuse and the rest of family ware more tired waiting for me then me running.
  • Ha! I know what you mean Tanas.  I was shattered after this one, felt sick, couldn't even manage more than one finger of twirl and one beerimage,  after Berlin I had about 6 pints and a complete chocolate feast, but this one nearly killed me.  I felt like dropping out at the half marathon point.  There seemed to be almost nobody running, and I nearly took a wrong turn once or twice!  You did extremely well, especially for your first.  What is next for you?  I am back to work at the weekend so will email some pics then if you want?  Am back in the UK now, and it's cold!

    Have been on website and there don't seem to be any results up yet?

    I agree with all that has been said about value for money and crowd support.  No complaints whatsoever, much better in lots of ways than paris or Berlin with 40,000 runners.  This felt so friendly...perfect weather for running....though crap for holidaying!

  • Well done Colin.Pity we didn't meet but maybe next year because i will definitely be there .Agree with everything you said about organisation ...and the goody bag,which makes me well pleased since GC is sort of my second home.
  • RP, I couldnt manage a single beer after the race but make up next day.I was back this morning,went for run this afternoon.Cold and rain.welkome to UK.Thinking of doing Prague in May and joining the club,what about you?Would love to see some photos and will send you some
  • Just to mention little detail.My race number was 415 and my time...4:15!!!Weird or what?
  • Ha! That is odd!  Are you sure your time is not faster than that though?  If it said that on the clock, your Garmin time might be faster?  I only ask because the clock read 4.20 when I passed (I have pictures!), yet my Garmin read 4.18.53.  I think the clock will have started when the gun went off, and it took us a little while to cross the start line as we were near the I reckon your chip time will be a  bit faster than you think.

    I know a couple of people who are doing Prague.  I love that place, so beautiful,  but I will be doing Edinburgh instead.  After that, I don't know.....I will have to see if I can be bothered to keep this up, I might switch to half marathons instead....but then againimage!

  • This definitley sounds like one to consider for the future The goody bag sounds like the one you get in seville ( will find out shortly ). MInd you , I am aiming for the goofy challenge next January so not sure if this might have to wait another year.

    RP , did you set a particular pace to run at or how did you go about securing your good time, in spite of being tired out ? I have yet to get in under the 4.20.image 

    Keep at it  and well done you  folks.

  • As some of you will know this was the 1st edition of the Gran Canaria marathon and half, being promoted as a mid winter marathon in warm weather. 

    The previous days it had  been pretty warm hitting about 32C (89F) so not only my fitness but also the temperature were worrying me. Since Oct I'd been training on my base and taking things easily, upping volume but really not working on speed seriously.  I did manage to run everyday in Jan at least 1 or 2 miles on the easy days and about 5 to 6 miles day on and off but mainly taking advantage of the good weather to swim my heart out at the beach image

    Anyways.... day was overcast and about 20C which was perfect running conditions. The full and half started at the same time as it was a 21km circuit and only about 1400 participants in total.

    My plan for the race being in running it at training pace and just enjoy the day and the experience of running a major race in my home town, I'll run this seriously next year! 

    The circuit took us via the highway on the coast side into the docks (where at some point we ran near the oil depots..... lots of diesel smell... image) and then run the whole beach avenue, lots of public and cheers, then down from the beach into the shop district where some stands had been setup and the public there was marvellous, then straight through the town into the old district and into the finish. All the time I was running easy and just pushing enough not to feel sluggish myself. Finished in 2h4min which is far from my PB but I'll take it... didn't want to be very sore the next day in the plane back. All in all a very nice way to see the town I grew up.

    The organization was good, lots of volunteers and also some small errors which I guess it's to be expected from a 1st edition.

    A great and welcome surprise was that the local university had taken all available physiotherapy students into a tent and were there getting everyone that wanted a recovery massage...not to mention some pools with ice water..that really made a difference.  The race goodie bag was also great, the half participants got a tshirt and shorts!, the marathon participants got some extras, the tshirt, the shorts, socks and a cool running cap.

    I'm definitely going back and doing it next year. 

  •  For videos of the race go to .,then click Marathon de GC.You can find videos minute by minute and begining of the race.
  • Just found this thread....

    Well done, all of you. This race sounds lovely....definitiely something to think about for next year...Well, maybe not the whole mara...image Were there many runners just doing the 5k? What about the Half?

    RP, just seen your finish. Yeah! Awesome shorts. heheh Can we post the link on the Paris thread? What about a race report ?

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