Mara Training Plan With Cycling

Does anyone have a marathon training plan, including cycling. I know most training plans list cross training, but how far and how long should you cycle for. I am trying to limit running due to bad shin, so want to replace some sessions with cycling. For example average rule of thumb is 1 mile run = 100 calories, what is calorie burn rate for cycling. Many thanks.

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  • Calories burned not nearly as high

    I reckon I burn about 500/hr running compared to 400/hr swimming and 300/hr cycling (over and above what i would burn if sedentary) - but I'm kinda smallish - don't know if you are a small girlie or a big bloke.

    It is said that 3-4 miles cycled equates to about 1 mile run - so it takes longer - but you aren't working as hard or consistently as with running due to coasting at times, downhills etc

    Cycling is definitely more forgiving than running - I may do a looong cycle and ffel suitbly tired afterwards but the next day not feel stiff or sore - can't say the same for a proper long run.

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