301 HRM -

Hi guys

My HRM has gone caput and I have no idea why!! I have replaced the battery = no joy and cleaned it = no joy!

any clues? Anyone else had this happen?


  • Sorry should have said Garmin forerunner 301! oops!
  • ok, caput is a little vague - would you like to elaborate a little more please
  • um well I am getting no reading on the forerunner whatsoever. Just the broken heart flashing for the entire duration. I have checked the strap and as above and that it is tight enough etc so I'm stumped now!
  • Hi Scooby, have you tried to do a rescan on your 301 for your HRM whilst wearing your HRM with nice moist sensors against your womanly chest ?? Correctly positioned of course.

    Mode > Settings > General > Set Heart Monitor > Restart Scan

  • I had a similar problem with mine.  The rescan didn't work, but switching it off (leaving a while) and on from the same menu did the trick (with suitably moist sensors).....very strange.  The problem has not repeated since, although it can sometimes take some gentle encouragement to get going sometimes.

    Mine has never been the most relaible HRM though image.

  • GAz - no I haven't!! Thanks will give that a try and see. Fell - if that fails I'll move onto your suggestion but not quite sure what you mean. Do you mean wearing HRM turning off forefunner from say main screen, waiting and then turning back on?
  • Sorry, wasn't very clear.

    Whilst wearing the HRM switch Garmin on, if you get no connection to HRM goto the following menu.

    Mode > Settings > General > Set Heart Monitor

    Set the HRM to Off, wait a while, then swicth the HRM back to On.  After a bit of playing around with this and maybe a few rescans it started working again.

    (The on/off is an option in that menu, nothing physically is turned on/off).

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