Saturday 29th August

Ever feel alive and your nothing missing.

Greetings all,

What - LSR
Why - Seemed a good idea at the time
Last Hard - A long long time ago 
Last Rest - Yesterday

Should have been "ever CLOSE your eyes"


  • What: NHTT + a few miles AM
    Bike race at Hillingdon PM
    Why: I want to and choice is good
    Last hard: Last Saturday
    Last rest: wasn't recently
    Lyircs: probably

    Have a great day :¬)
  • Morning

    JH: Good luck today

    What: 13 miles d & d with the dawn patrol
    Why: I lead the club run, have  to go
    Last Hard: Today it was hot and humid, akin to breathing pea soup
    Last rest: yesterday

    Have a great weekend

  • Cheers DD.

    Good luck to the racers , good runs everyone.

  • Morning.

    TmR - but I can't eat the cakes...............

    Joe - dread to think how long your long run will be.

    DD - wish my training for the day was over, definitely lacking enthusiasm for it at the minute.

    Gobi - good luck at Hillingdon, I'm assuming you're not racing this morning?

    What:                1hour bike/2 hour run brick.
    Why:                  schedule.
    Last hard:         25/8.
    Last rest:           28/8.

    I've been decorating which has given me a very stiff and sore lower back, this has been joined by DOMS in my quads from the fell race so I'm not sure how I'm actually going to get on the bike but I will do my best and see what happens.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    Morning folks.

    Hopefully Paddy. I know someplace that will be showing it. It's just a case of if I can find the time.

    Dustin - just a suggestion, but how about longer reps/fartlek (on the road - more appropriate to mara training all around) on Tuesday - during lunchtime say, and then you'd have the time for the Thurs session?

    In Ireland (and most of Europe I believe) it is the baccalaureate which is supposed to be more consistent and more rounded. Though as I took that I would say that of course image

    Had to pick Jr up from nursery early yesterday as he was unwell. Ended up having to call the docs and the poor mite has been diagnosed as having swine flu image Explains why he was awake so much the previous few nights as he was obviously coming down with the start of it. Anyway, with Mrs TT being pregnant I couldn't leave her to look after him in this state, so no run this morning, and if he doesn't improve dramatically as the day goes on, then no Pewsey HM tomorrow either.

    What: supposed to be 18m easy, but more likely 9-10m easy if Jr sleeps this afternoon, otherwise nought.
    Why: see above.
    Last hard: trying to fit into a toddler's bed to hold his hand / ended up sleeping on the floor alongside him - heartbreaking to see him so upset image
    Last rest: ?
    Lyrics: actually sound familiar.

    Oh, and before I forget, the husband of a work colleague cannot do Abingdon now, so if anybody wants a number, let me know asap.

    Fingers crossed for an improvement and I'll get to see some of ye at Pewsey tomorrow. Given my propensity to catch everything Jr brings home though the opposite is likely....... C'est la vie.

    Have a great day all!!!

  • Morning all

    i just broke the 10 mile barrier in my long (plod)run image - i usually enjoy my longs runs today was a nightmare, i got out there nice and early for the quite and peaceful country lanes, they were busier than i'd ever seen em, stopping every 5 minutes to let cars pass through the narrow lanes, over all it seemed a long physical and mental struggle, ah well we all have those days i guess

    What - 10 mile - done image
    Why - Schedule
    Last Hard - would have to be today's plod
    Last Rest - 26/08

    happy weekend everyone

  •  TT - sorry about the woe - hopefully everyone ok soon!

    LMH - what part of Derbys???

    Alehouse - Do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do could have been anything image. Look, i know about garden furniture too - i havent had a chance to use mine for 3 years - try Irish weather!!!.

    Cant stay long - Talk later

    Todays lyrics -  It was written for me (and i think this one has Alehouse type Lyrics towards the end).

  • Tectona - Congrats on the 10 mile milestone!!!!!
  • TT - sorry to hear about TT Jnr, I do hope he has a mild dose and is back to normal very quickly. Also hope that Mrs TT doesn't come down with it.

    Tec - well done, those runs make the other ones feel even better.

    Paddy - Southern Derbyshire, bordering Notts and Leics. I quite often do three (four if you count Rutland) counties in one bike ride.

    Where's Pammie? I want to know how she did at LFOTM.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    Tec - fantastic stuff. If you can do 10 in those kind of circumstances you'll breeze through the same again and more when you're not stopping every few minutes. Well done!

    Was wondering the same about Pammie, LMH.

    TT jr seems to be responding very well to the medication so far, so fingers crossed we caught it early enough. Think if he gets a good night tonight Pewsey may still be on, but no decision til I see how he is tomorrow am.

    A 'what' update: Fitted in 12m in 76mins - 2 slow miles and then a surprisingly, verrrrrrry comfortable last 10m in 62:11. Rain never made the threatened appearance and sun was out in all it's glory. Sweet image

  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭

    I guess i should post hadn't i?

    LMH - fraid LFOTM didn't happen was over exhausted so gave it a miss have a back up 5km on Monday

    Wednesday night was working till 2am but before i left our 7yr old neighbour noticed water was quite high on one of our drains, tried to do a clearing job -no joy no one at the council till the morning so hence got up early to ring them hardly any sleep lady suggested ringing a private firm as it would be cheaper plus i'd have to wait 3 working days pfffttt anyway rang up a firm and a guy came 3 hours later fixed it nothing too serious fingers crossed guess it was playing on my mind Didn't have chance to sleep after as i wanted to get to the DIY store to get some things but went to bed before 10pm totally unheard of But decided i was in no fit state to race

    Apparently it was very windy in Hyde Park.
  • Glad you're ok Pammie - good luck for Monday then!

    TT - good news all round.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Hope Jr TT is OK and continues to get better.

    NHTT for me this morning, felt not too bad, but not up for it... so started slower than usual.... then seemed to push on..... result a 6th fastest 5k out of 45 done in 18:16 and 7th so very hapy with that, would be great if hat could be transfered to tomorrows 1/2 at Pewsey.

    3.8m of warm up and down to clear 200m for the month so far.

    Take care all

  • TT - hope the little one recovers quickly

    Tectona - well done on the milestone

    What: 5.5M recovery
    Why: tempo yesterday and long run tomorrow - need a rest of some kind!
    Last hard: yesterday
    Last rest: Thursday

    Have a good long weekend (those who don't have to work on Monday).

  • Hello all

    Despite the appalling wind yesterday I did rather well with the bike challenge. Loop approx 28 miles. Hoped to achieve an average speed of 16.7mph. 2384ft (I think from memory) of climbing with one long stonker of an up at Gunnislake. After that hill we hit the most atrocious headwind. It was very grim. So delighted with an average of 17.4mph. Will have another go when it is less windy and maybe do it a bit faster. So yesterday 28 miles hard on bike.

    Today - 50 miles bike. Haven't checked stats yet but pretty easy ride overall with just a few fast bits thrown in on a particularly nice stetch of road image

    Tomorrow easy bike and then Monday 100 mile bike as I have 100 mile sportive coming up and - well - I happen to like the bike. Did I mention I like the bike. image

  • Scooby - yes, it certainly looks like you like the bikeimage

    Tipp Top - really sorry to hear about Jnr TT.  Hope Mrs TT keeps well.

    Pammie - hope everything gets sorted quickly.

    RFJ - good 5k.

    Joe Hawk - is that another ultra you've got planned? Good luck.

    Tectona - that sounded tough - well done.

    What: No get up and go, so just did about 5 miles - maybe try long run tomorrow - that is today for meimage.

    Good running everyone.

  • Evening all,

    TT - how is jr doing now ? - hope there has been some improvement throughout the day.

    Scooby - enjoy your next bike ride image - i am thinking of hitting the cycle paths near my place, only a 11 mile ride but a start, tommorow or Monday.

    RFJ - nice mileage clearance, that's some distance, i cleared a milestone too other than the 10 mile long run, i was aiming to clear 120km this month and just achieved 132, will set the bar higher next month slightly.

    Gobi - how was the race this afternoon ?

    thanks for the kind comments image everyone re my milestone, i was a bit disappointed earlier as it seemed such a struggle, lol during the run i managed to get lost/divert from a lane to a trail. Almost break my ankle and the route i planned had way to much downhill parts than i would have liked ( naturally slowed me down ) oh and i already mentioned the traffic didn't i ;-( even the sun was p***ing me off lol. Now i look back and feel quite pleased, i could have easily shortened my run etc and returned home but somehow managed to keep going

    ciao for now

  • Well, did my 10k in 35:47. Absolutely delighted with that as its a big PB. I'm a slight bit suspicious that the course may have been a little bit short though. Nevertheless 36:19 was my previous best (10 years ago). Considering i wasnt targetting it i am delighted with the run. Garmin measured it slightly short though. Not enough to lose PB as i know the run was probably worth about 36 mins. Still, the record shows 35:47 and that'll do for now.

    A nice bite and few jars later!! 

    TT - Hopefully good news on little TT. If you do the HM tomorrow good luck with it!!. 

  • oh, LMH, of course I knew that from our previous discussion. Sorry   image..  But having reminded myself what fun those events are*, I've entered one next Sat.  (won't do my T&F running the following day much good though, but hopefully won't affect the discus).

    * and thinking maybe it would have been fun to do JH's event.  I hope he's enjoying it right now

    TT hope junior is feeling a bit better and that Mrs TT doesn't catch it.  Good luck if you do get to race tomorrow

    Tectona, RFJ well done

    PM2,  great and significant PB

    What:  6ml inc 2 x 1ml @ 1/2MP
    Why: meant to do 4 reps, and another run after, but felt quite tired so gave in to body

  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    Excellent stuff Paddy. That's a great time and a great milestone to break.

    Good luck for Monday Pammie.

    Is it today JH is doing Ridgeway? Now that is a LSR!!!

    Cheers for all the comments. TT Jr was better during the day, but really dipped again as the evening wore on. Will wait and see how he is overnight.

  • Evening all,

    TWIGGY - sorry to hear about the issues at home with jnr.

    Race day

    NHTT this AM in 17.54 - target was 18 mins so this was spot on. The only downer is I have not even reached half marathon pace yet and this was a little tougher than I would of liked.

    Hillingdon Bike race 11th place (first 10 score ranking points:¬(

    Dull report really, all went to plan and with 3 to go I moved forward and so on. Last lap the sprint wound up slow which meant I was not so badly dropped. Pushed past people into the finish and 11th. Rach said the first 20 or so of us finished with 10/20 metres of each other.

    In reality a brilliant race and gutted not to get a point.
  • Hello again,

    My mojo seems to be returning so I thought I'd return (again) to the dtt

    LMH: I'm rather jealous as Pilsley is one of my favourite fell races, and I forgot it was this thursday image If you're in derbyshire, have you done any of David's fell races? here

    Tectona: well done on the 10

    Scooby: glad you're enjoying the bike
    Gobi: sounds good

    What: 21.7m / 3500 ft

    why: windy LSR
    last hard: the brutal headwind today
    last rest: 45 days

  • Well given that I'm posting now and its only just gone midnight , today did not go well.

    Basically my stomach was all over the shop from early on , so I dropped out at Goring.

    Lyrics - Were  Wild Child by Enya

    Might give a better report tomorrow but at the moment I'm a bit p*ssed off and am going to bed.

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