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just wondering w hat people do when out running and have to stop at pedestrian crossings. I live in Brighton and can't go far in any direction without having to stop to cross roads. I've nad a couple of passers by who have made comments like "don't stop" or "keep moving", and maybe ~i should be, though it can be nice to have a traffic light breather! was just wondering what other people do.


  • I know the feeling Crazydiamond. I'm also from Brighton and there are just so many trafic lights.  

    I tend to do a side step and back again in time to the music I'm listening to. Bet it looks strange to the others at the crossing!

  • You could use the few seconds to stretch your legs a bit?
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    I just stop and wait for the light, I used to be all precious about it and  jog on the spot, but stopping for a minute or two will make no difference at all to the enjoyment of your run. 

    Doesn't make you a walker or anything either.  

  • The odd occasion I have had to stop at a junction I just stop and take a breather for a couple of seconds before I'm on my way again.

  • I sometimes turn along the side road, and cross there if possible, and if not I return and use the crossing when the lights change.

    And sometimes I stand and wait.

  • I stand and wait, it always makes me feel like i'm re-charging my batteries. 
  • we used to live 80 miles from the nearest trafic light or roundabout.................................. not anymore though.

    I stand around and wait

  • Like the OP, there are millions of traffic lights etc in Sheffield.

    I usually stop and wait and plan my routes to avoid those that I know make me stop a long time.

  • i did read somewhere that jogging on the spot is a bad idea, and that stretches are a better idea

    i did also read that elvis is alive and well on mars, so read into that what you will

  • When I was living in Central London (in sight of Kings Cross station pretty much!) whenever I saw a light changing I just sprinted like crazy for it. If I had no other option would just jog on the spot.
  • I just take a breather, maybe stretch out my tired legs and hope that the light changes quickly. Starting and stopping really disrupts my rhythm!
  • Stop my stopwatch!
  • You are a runner if you run on the spot and a jogger if you stop.



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  • No traffic lights on my routes, but one main road and a level crossing.

    I always hope for a long line of traffic on the mian road so I can have a rest, but usually it's clear when i'm really knackered, so I end up carrying on running. The level crossing has caught me once and very relieved at the time I was too. It was blisteringly hot and i was feeling like death. A nice ten min break beneath a shady tree was most welcome at the time.

  • a jogger bobs up and down whilst a runner takes a well earned break.

  • Flashing green man - sprint like hell
  • GingerLoon -Life, don't talk to me about life .... wrote (see)

    i did read somewhere that jogging on the spot is a bad idea, and that stretches are a better idea

    i did also read that elvis is alive and well on mars, so read into that what you will

    Actually Elvis is alive and is friends with Barry the Time Sprout. I kid you not. I read it in a book (by Robert Rankin and he is the guru of all things Brighton). Maybe Mars had something to do with it afterall.

    Traffic lights, well you don't get many on the downs. I s'pose you could loop round the block and hope that they're green on your next pass, maybe time how long the phases are and pace yourself. image

    or maybe just wait.

  • Luckily I have very few main roads to cross on my normal runs but, when I do have to wait for traffic lights, I'm glad of the short rest - The most I'll do is a very half hearted march on the spot to keep my legs moving - I'm always quite amused by other runners who feel the need to jog up and down on the spot!
  • Depends how busy the road is. We've only got 3 sets in town but always respect the one on the dual carriageway and use the underpass, others I use an alternative route. Depends on the town/street, but usually stop
  • Artie Fufkin, Polymer Records wrote (see)
    Flashing green man - sprint like hell
    I was gonna do this on one road yesterday, but the woman at the front had started creeping forward and even beeped her horn,despite the fact there was a family with a small child crossing, if I'd gone for it I think she would have mowed me down!
  • Devoted2Distance wrote (see)

    Me and my OH went to Brighton a few weeks ago and I came across a lot of traffic lights when I was running too!

    It annoyed me in the end so I just stuck to the sea front and the treadmill in the hotel

    I often end up of the sea fron, but as i run in the middle of the day (at the weekend) it can be a lesson in calmness! the amount of times I've wanted to shout "get out my way you stupid f***ing tourist!"

    Must be worse to cycle along there, whilst everyone wanders into the cycle lane completely oblivious!

  • Just dash across - it's like sailing - power should always give way to sail!
  • tons of metal, pounds of flesh.hmm, easier for sail/pedestrian to change course methinksimage
  • Depends. Short run, just wait for it to change.

    Towards the end of a 20 where I know I will die if I stop moving and not be able to start again image, I jog on the spot or press the button, run up the road a few steps and by the time I get back, I'm able to cross. HATE having to stop at the end of a long run.

  • Has Barry the time sprout been mentioned anywhere on the forum before?

    Armegedon the musical

  • Depends really, if I'm running with some male friends who are faster then my, I usually pray the lights will be on green so we have to stop, and I can have a little rest.

    On my own, I have been known to run like hell before they change, run down the side street and cross where it's safe, stop and jog on the spot, or just stop dead and have a rest.

    Roundabouts are worse, nearly got splatted twice on Saturday by ignorant feckwits who can't be bothered to indicate that they are turning left into the road I was trying to cross. One of them actually sped up when they saw me trying to get out of the way!

    I usually paln my routes depending on the time of day, eg if it's around rush hour I'll avoid heavily congested places; one of my current favourite routes is through part of a city so I only do that really early on a morning.

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