hands up or hands down

something that I have noticed recently is that some of the "faster" runners run with their hands down by their sides at hip level, moving only through a few degrees each pace... For my part, I am more of an elbows bent at about 90 degrees and push them forward each pace. What I want to know is, am I missing a trick here? Will I suddenly tap into some vein of form by changing my technique? it doesn't SEEM to do much for me, but perhaps I'm doing it wrong?


  • The only thin that I could guess at is that they follow the thought that any energy used in moving any thing but your legs while running could be interpreted as a waste of energy

    Just a guess

  • I find that as I'm nearing the end of a run and I'm tiring if I enthusiastically use my arms my legs tend to follow on......
    I think it's personal preference what to do as it depends how you're most comfortable - have you ever seen the episode of Friends where Phoebe is running with her arms flailing everywhere like children do it is so much fun although you do tend to look a bit daft !!
  • haven't seen the episode of friends, but it sounds a bit like me going downhill!
  • In the Runner's Handbook by Bob Glover, I think he says that you should use your arms to help you run but try to use the lower part of the arm rather than the larger muscle group of your shoulder. Also you should try to keep your hands from crossing from one side of your body to the other so that it doesn't affect your balance.
    Mind you, if you look at top sprinters they use there arms like pistons. Look at the size of Christie's shoulders! I suppose it depends on what you're doing.
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