On August 31st (Tomorrow) Mrs BD and I will have been married for 35 years.

That's half a life time.

But I am sure that there are folks on here who can beat that.


  • Perhaps not?
  • Certainly not me - a confirmed single image

    But well done! Congrats to you and Mrs. Big Dave image

  • Thanks sarahimage

    We have nothing planned for the day yet.

    I hope to do a few miles. Which I think that I will get away with.

    I could be in trouble as there are athletics on the telly and this may not be considered as appropriate anniversary viewing.

  • Congratulations!  I managed 28...

  • Not even near it with all of them combinedimage Congrats and enjoy the run/athletics
  • Good show, that man!
  • My parents are on 36. They're bordering on hate. Stamina is a good word...
  • Give your good lady a foot massage whilst the athletics are on and I'm sure she'll forgive you image
  • Does it have to be unbroken service or can we include all of our marriages?
  • Aww, congratulations image.  That's really lovely.  Just passed the 10 year mark, so no competition here!

    Maybe she's on some other forum at the moment talking about her 35th wedding anniversary and saying that she's hoping you'll want to watch the athletics so she can get away with whatever it is that she wants to do?
  • 14 years for us and we haven't killed each other yet.....image

    Congratulations BD and Mrs BD. Tis indeed a thing of wonder to ignore someone else's little habits and irritations for half a lifetime and still speak to them! When I get to 35 years I shall insist on something more exciting than athletics though BD - I am a high maintenance bird and Mr LB can't get rid of me because I'd cost even more to divorce! image

    Don Minquez wrote (see)
    My parents are on 36. They're bordering on hate. Stamina is a good word...

    LOL Minks! Mine are on 37 and they're exactly the same. Mr LB's are on 40 next month and actually seem to like each other - what's that all about and how does that work then?image

  • wow Big D -that is some going. Me and tother 1/2 are 31 years behind you but trying. Celebrate.
  • 32 for us this year, still going strong image

    Well done Big D, a Coral celebration - Have a great day image

  • 22 for us and dead happy - my parents are married 46 years and love each other - MrGFB's parents are married 55 years - but he's got alzheimers and lives in a home this last 4 years image
  • Congratulations Big D.  28 years for me and other half.

  • dan dandan dan ✭✭✭

    Congratulations, BD!

    Has she let you hold her hand yet, or is it still too soon for such things? Hold on in there another 35 and you might even get a  kiss, too. 

    Good luck! image

  • Thanks for the congratulations folks.

    So far Today:

    There has been a bit of hand holding.

    I have done a brisk (for me) 4 miles.

  • congrats you 2 image

  • Thanks PM

    I have watched the athletics.

    MrsBD has spent much of the day doing a whole load of tidying.
    this is because we have a guest coming to stay tomorrow.

    However we are going to go out for a meal soon, along with our youngest son.

  • If anyone cares:

    MrsBD & our youngest (Luke) and I are back from an evening out., enjoying a meal at the third best pub in the land.image

    Good food, good beer, and we were not bad company either.image (I hope)image

    Although everyone else left while we were there.

  • imageFunny That!
  • Congrats BD and Mrs.BD

    We celebrated our 39th last Saturday.

  • Well done to you two too! (I sound like a demented owl)

    I knew someone on here would beat us.image

  • Congratulations BD...39th for me last January. I'm amazed when I look back and wonder where the time went...still after the first twenty years I realised that I could never win any arguements and it is an easier life just to bow down and let the OH rule the roast. Plus I've got my running to relieve the stresses life throws at usimage  
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