Computer thingy to measure distance

I know this has probably been done to death but i just can't get my head round which gadget to get to measure how far i'm running, i know you can get them to come with heart rate mons, be fitted to bike etc, all i want mine to do is say how far i've gone in what time, what do people use garmin, polar etc, don't want to spend a fortune but need a reliable one.



  • Hi Flat Footed

    You don't need to spend too much if you are only looking to measure the distance.  Register for free on and use the mapmyrun option which gives 99.9% accurate distance.  You only need an ordinary watch with a stop watch option if possible, with lap splits, which will help you in splitting miles.  I hope you may find this site very helpful and useful.


  • Hi Flat Footed

    Personal Trainer is of course completely right, but if you do want to get a watch with GPS without the annoying heart monitor and that doesn't cost a king's ransom, then I would suggest a Garmin 205. I swore I would never have such a frivilous item but my husband bought me one for Christmas and I absolutely love it.

  • All depends how much money you want to spend, and what functions you NEED, also, how important the look and size of the device.
  • My Forerunner 101 is still going strong.

    It's a bit chunky on the wrist, and it loses the sattelite signal in built up areas, but I'm not vain and I run on the South Downs, so it's fine for me.

  • Gonna go look at the lower end of the Garmin range me thinks,

    Dano i  don't really need anything other than the GPS part and not really worried about the look.

    PT i've been on several of those mapping sites there great but i don't want to have to sit for an age plotting the route after every run i do. i just want a quick guide whilst on the run/as i finish.

     Cheers for the help everyone

  • If its just GPS you need, then the 205 will suffice.
  • You can use a pedometer. It will count your steps, calculate distance and give you the time.

    I have a map wheel that I run round a paper map. (I'm doing a virtual walk), it's easier than trying to figure out where an invisible footpath goes using something like mapmyrun.

    I also have a Garmin 405, it was a pressie but prolly has more features than I want. I think the Garmin site has a facility whereby they recommend the best watch for you based on what you want to do with it.

    Garmin thingy

  • Get yourself a Garmin 305, they're cheap on the 'net at the moment, £145 ish and once you have one, you'll never train without it!
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