Entering Races Online

Have finally caught up to speed technologically and am looking to enter some races Online now, although completing that entry form is often a delight, the wait to get the details and number back and thus confirmation you are in, is not!

 Can anyone confirm that the race organisers still send you your race pack in the post?

 How does this work when often organisers ask for a stamped addressed envelope? Do they suddenly take on this expense, or does taking the entry through the Online manner somehow save them money?

 Also, I understand there is a little fee for processing this that goes to Runners World, of about £1.50 to £2, but I suppose you take out the normal stamp, stamped addressed envelope and paper charges which might just even out?

 I did see a race that is £10 entry...yet is still £10 through Online. Why hasn't the mark up applied to this one?

Any pros and cons? Is the entry safely encrypted like any buying through the net sites?

If anyone is a online enterin guru, please lend me your experience!



  • I have entered many races on line through RW and have had no problems. The race organisers send the race packs through the post in the normal way. There is a fee for on line entry, but it is worth it to me, not having the hassle of filling in paper forms, looking for stamps and envelopes and having to post it off. There is no guarantee that having posted an application form, it will arrive safely with the race organiser. When applying on line, you get an e mail back confirming your acceptance.

    Your details are encrypted, so the site should be as safe as any other where you enter credit/debit card details etc.

  • R.e. race pack in the post, it varies, and depends on the race, some send you through your race pack and number, others you have to pick them up on the day.

    As above, its as safe (or risky image) as anywhere else on the net, I've used it a few times and had no problems.

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