Breasts and Banging against Bollards!

Morning all!

For anyone who hasn't seen (and wasn't there!) there are reports on the Moonwalk over on events.

Just watch out for the bollards :-)


  • A typically fruity TITle i see, m'deer!
    How's the feet?
  • Still a little bit sore, I put moisturiser (well - after sun lotion) on them which seemed to help. A couple of bruised toes. I'm plesantly surprised at how good my legs feel this morning. Much better than after FLM. How are your lower appendages?

    Bune came up with a classic - she described Saturday as "The Night of 30,000 Nipples!!!"
  • tee hee
    yeah, my legs are fine
    Just as well, I have to walk to out patients this morning
  • Ello , where are the pictures ??

    BTW Dicovery Health and wotsit are televising the Moonwalk 20:00 hrs Thursday night

    back later byweeeeeeeee
  • Lots of pics were taken, not sure if there were any on a digital camera so they'll have to be developed if not.
  • morning folks!

    We were working in the kitchen the other night when a woman came in and said 'Right, I need about 6 of you to come and be interviewed for Discovery"... suddenly cutting up oranges was the most interesting thing in the world... no way anyone was seeing me in *that* pink hat :-)
  • Morning all!

    Are you all going to be bollarded film stars, then? What was wrong with the hat, Scamp?

    I'm off to Birmingham for an interview this morning so no lunchtime run. Have to go when I get home.
  • Goodluck saxplayer!ooooooooh you might be working near vrap!
  • Morning all. Idea for next year... (half only please!) Big hats, balloons, anything to enable us to find each other in a crowd when the mobile networks are all busy.
  • Morning all! So how was it? I thought of you all at 11pm when I was just collapsing into bed... did think about texting someone, but didn't have the energy to get back out of bed to get my mobile... sorry!!

    I will go and read the report now, so you catch you later!!...
  • Hi all

    It was really nice to have you all over yesterday, tho my dishwasher won't thank me :-)

    Just a quick note, I hope you have all had chickenpox as it looks like jumpet jnr has got it. He through out a couple of spots yesterday, just after you all left. Dr Vrap was still around and she thinks it's likely. He hasn't got many spots and is very well.

    Thank you for my pressies. I was looking through the book last night and have seen lots of things I want to make.

    THere is something in there that you would LOVE!!!!
  • Good luck Saxplayer!

    The hat was just a bit...well... a bit too neon pink. Besides there were a group of Northern ladies who were only dying to be on the telly, so we let them at it...
  • Morning all....very quick hello as late for work. Hope we are all well and heading for a good week. Doesn't look like I'll be running much however. Going to pop into gym tonight ans see if I can see one of the sports injury specialists. Also take my shoes to up and running ans see if they can detect from the wear what I'm doing wrong. Foot not so bad today but still not runnable on ... :0((

    Later peeps.....
  • morning all.

    just as well Ive got the morning off after the blisters are agony. I thought wearing sandals might help but they just rub..

    Im going to go back to bed now!! i was going to go the health club and relax in the sauna but dont think i can manage to get there. perhaps tonight...

    i thought it would be easy to s pot the forumites in purple but alas i was so knackered that talking wasnt really an option after about 20 miles. spent a lot of it counting to 100!!!

    i would never to that again... although i was going to run a marathon but after sat not sure. Although Benz has assured me that running would have been easier

    take care everyone, and hope jumpet jr is ok Josie. sounds like you a superstar on sunday feeding everyone.

  • just got through all the reports and it sounds like you guys did brilliantly, well done!

    Fraggle - I hope that the knee is feeling okay today, sounds like you made a difficult but right decision.
  • here here Spans, great effort guys...
  • Morning all
  • Thanks Spans and Sparkles :-)
  • Sparkly - how did you get on in the Tewksbury Half?
  • Well I'm a happy JJ as my au pair is definetly coming back this summer. That's really good news as she is a super girl and the kids know and like her. The other bonus is that I don't have to spend £100+ getting a new one :-)
  • Morning all, have a fun weekend then you Moonwalkers, well done. Have just entered a 10k in Glasgow, will be running with one of my daughters, how good is that.
  • Hi JJ - Good news indeed!
    Have you decided on your car yet?
  • + WW!
  • Spans - are there going to be places on the day for the Richmond half - my legs are feeling pretty good, so I have a horrible feeling I should do it!
  • OO, just consulted my bank account - not a pretty sight - dont think i'll go to london on 30th (unless there on business)
  • b*nk acc**nt!
  • Hi Alan

    I'm going to have a look at the new C3, one with the big sunroof. A totally open top car where I live is not very practicable because of the pollution.

    I think I'm having a mid life crisis :-)
  • Iain - I think that there are going to be very limited one as it has been over subscribed so entries have closed... I wil see what I can find out for you tomorrow.

    BTW I won both my stages in the Greenbelt Relay this weekend - have never 'won' anything before so am very very pleased with myself. Also I felt really comfortable over the two days so am feeling a lot more confident about Lake V now... bring it on!!!
  • Thanks Anna - I do have a lot of non-running stuff to do (didn't manage much the weekend what with the MW) so maybe it would be a good thing if I didn't do it!
  • I'm hoping to go and see the Frames the night b4 - they are really great!
    plus maybe Interpol in June - though don't know whether I'm getting a bit carried away
    must have a look at my statements - eeek!
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