Success email

I just got an email headed "Success - london marathon ballot‏"

The contents read:

Thank you

Thank you for entering the ballot for the 2010 Virgin London Marathon - we’d like to wish you the best of luck. We’ll send you a confirmation email shortly.

We’ll contact you in early October to let you know if you’ve got a place in the 2010 Virgin London Marathon. If you’re selected we’ll ask you to sign in and pay your race entry fee.

If you’d like to ask us something in the meantime, or your contact details change, please call us on 020 7902 0200 and quote your reference number VLM10-144518.

Kick-start your training

When it comes to starting your training, there’s no time like the present. If you don’t secure a place in the 2010 Virgin London Marathon, there are lots of other great races and events taking place throughout the year.

If this is the first time you’ve entered for a place in a marathon, we recommend the official Virgin London Marathon training aids <>. These guides contain everything you need to know, including a 24 week day-by-day training plan.

If you're interested in running the Virgin London Marathon for charity, please click the buttons below to find out about good causes who'd appreciate your support:

 What does it mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Sounds like you should have had that back in April, lol.

  • Ooops! I know what I've done - I looked in my Running folder by mistake and found that old email, which was recording success in entering the ballot! I thought I was looking at my Inbox and that had just arrived and I had got in!

    I feel very silly now.   image

  • About a month to go till we're all knocked up at 6am by a postman carrying rainjackets......image
  • image We will be gentle. Half of us will still be on fecking strike anyway. image
  • We're all getting knocked up by Posties? 
  • Is that why we don't get results till october?  So we're knocked up, and unable to run in April (6 months, commencing waddle stage I guess) don't feel so fed up at losing in the ballot again?
  • I have the greatest postman in the world, but feel he is unlikely to knock me up, as

    a) Im fairly unattractive

     b) i'm fairly old

    c)  oh and he's gay

    Wouldnt swop him for any other postman, he's a first class mail (im leaving now.................)

  • Are you lot entering a race or making a porn film?
  • Gets bass out and starts mood music.

    "My parcel wont fit in your slot"


    "Please sign here"

    I'm still ar work bored, fecking strikes. image

  •  "the lead in your pencil is impressive for this time in the morning"

  • "Your sack is so big shouldn't you empty it."

    We've got half script here! Quick someone phone hollywood.image

  • as we all entered on line I think they are going to tell us by no waiting for that postieimage
  • they have to deliver the bequeathing rejectees gifts by post image
  • HTF - you're obviously feeling chirpier you naughty little minx!!!!

    How will I get my nooo red jacket out of the computer if they email it image

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