Films about running... films..

well, since ive gotten the running bug, and i read RW, and alotta things on here, i just watched PRE, about steve Prefontaine, the amercian runnig in the 1970's..

but what other films are out there about running or traning or sprots relaed, i love running and i love films.. so why not find the perfect collection for both..

the films ive got so far are..

Personal best..1982
Without limits..1998
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner..1962
Chariots of Fire..1981
the running man (only joking lol)..
across the tracks..1991

sports realted films
Mean Machine...1974,(longest tard us tilte)

please add to the list im sure missed a few, som please add your favorite film if its missed of the list..

good running and good watching




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