Breathing problems

Hi, I am very new to running (just managed my first 1.5km this week). Ever since my school days I have always had problems breathing when running. Short sprints are fine but anything longer than 200 meters and I have problems. I don't have any medical problems I just forget to breath. Has anyone got any suggestions.

Thanks , Debbie


  • Hi Debbie - others will know masses more than me but I'm finding I have two breathing rhythms. When I'm going sloooowly I take a breath every three footfalls, and when I'm going a bit faster I take a breath every two. I get into whichever rhythm feels comfy, then it becomes automatic.
  • Debbie: Something I also found when starting running, is to stay away from walkmans and cd walkmans. The music can put you off when trying to keep a breathing rythm.
  • Llyod that is a very interesting point baout walkmans as I use one as I think it will help me be motivated but sometimes its true when I have to concentrate on getting my breathing under control the music is a pain!!
  • Thanks for the ideas Guys. I've decided to stay away from the walkmans as the whole thing just gets in the way. I have over the past three days tried to keep my breathing even and approximately every two footfalls and it definately appears to help. I managed my first ever 2km this morning and I could have continued.

  • Well done Debbie. I absolutely love music when I work out but was advised not to run with music, more for safety reasons. So have been running without it and find it better coz I can concentrate on my breathing instead which has improved leaps and bounds. Now I only keep my walkman for the gym where I really need it.

    Keep us posted on how you progress.

    Sammy :0)
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