Any copywriters out there?

What would be your ball park fee for rewording a website with 2 drafts?

I've had a quote but no idea if it's too high or excellent for the work being done. 


  • Sezz, now is the perfect time to advertise, I mean mention your website............for assistance purposes of course.

    Yours sincerely,

  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭

    You mean this website www.sarahpluves.comimage

    How's Mini Cooper?  Is she keeping you awake at night?

  • Oh nice website! image

    She is very well thank you.  However, she has found her voice in a big way and sits there talking to herself all the time.  And yes, she likes a good scream at stupid o'clock.......grrrr!

  • Whatever they're asking, get them to show you some of their work.  You need to know whether they're any good first.

    Many people think they can write effectively, but few are correct...

  • D2D's a copywriter, isn't she? Maybe she could give you a quote...
  • LOL! She'd change the name of the site as she only likes talking about herself!
  • You've missed out the 'b' in 'incredibly'.

    That'll be 20p please.image

  • Can we not talk about Mini Cooper please.
  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭
    CM, I've seen previous work and it is good.
  • Oh and Sezz.....holistic is spelt wrong in one of the sub headings. That'll be a fiver......

    DM, you paedo!

  • A fiver!!!! Is that London prices? I only charged 20p! (South Spain prices).

  • No, that's financial adviser prices! (just kidding) that pesetas?

  • Jeez, I am cheap!image
  • I didn't like to say......
  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭

    Well done for spotting the deliberate mistakes  image

  • I'm also a crap lay, so it sort of works....
  • Do you mean that particular website, Sezz, where the info is there and needs no further research? So about 10 pages, quite copy-rich? If it's simply a rewrite (which is a glorified edit), I would reckon an hour a page plus a couple of hours for discussion and drafts. Twelve hours at £50 an hour would get you a good job done by someone that's experienced in writing about the field in which you work - they'd also need to have expertise in editing and advising you, and be confident in dealing with web builders and clients.

    Nice site, btw. image
  • Azacaya wrote (see)
    I'm also a crap lay, so it sort of works....
    I didn't think she was any good....image
  • Azacaya - you weren't that bad.
  • Coops - you were rubbish....image
  • should 'business men' by a hyphenated or one whole word on the 'about' page?

    on 'workplace therapies'...personally think that starting a sentence with 'But' isnt the best gramatically.

    Indian head massage page - Particular is spelled incorrectly

  • You're not supposed to start a sentence with "but"....

    But sometimes I can't help it.....image

    And my kids do it all the time.

    You can't start a sentence with "and" either.....image

    They give English degrees away these days, clearly! image

  • LB - I can never concentrate when shagging scousers, as one of my eyes is always on my wallet!
  • There was bugger all in it! I checked! image

    The Babies r us reward card put me right off my stride too.....image

  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭

    Thanks Jj for the sensible reply on this thread image

    Your figure is  lot lower than I've been quoted so gives me an idea of what to aim for.  Thank you.

  • Didn't you like the other replies Sezz?image

    Coops10 wrote (see)
    Azacaya - you weren't that bad.

    Thanks Coops. I don't remember you at all so I must have been really sozzled. But the word(s) 'acorn-like' spring to mind. I wonder why that could be?

    LB -Now that I really don't remember. Did we have fun with your extra thingy?

  • Azacaya wrote (see)

    LB -Now that I really don't remember. Did we have fun with your extra thingy?

    All I can recall was that involved Timothy Claypole's hat! image

    You minx!

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