Ankle Protection

Just looking for some advice - I pulled the ligaments on the outside of my foot when doing the infamous grizzly - I am now concious of pulling them again when running off road - because of this the ligaments on the inside of my ankle are tightening up.
Should I be wearing an ankle support or doing some specific exercise to strengthen the ligaments ?


  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I think that a wobble board is the recommended way of strengthening ankles, particularly after injury. Another similar method is to stand on one leg and let the muscles/ligaments hold you upright. Doing this with your eyes shut is supposed to be more effective, as your balance gets confused by the lack of visual reference and you wobble more.

    Ankle supports are more likely to promote long term weakness, so should only be used very short term.
  • I'd agree with nessie's advice. I was in the same position as you last September. Initially all I could do was the standing on one leg, with my eyes closed. With ligament damage, your proprioception is knocked out. Basically, your foot isn't sure what position you are in, so you need to redevelop this. Only move onto the wobble board when you have got the easier stuff mastered, as you don't want to fall off an make it worse.
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