Oldbury Power Station 10 mile race

Fast, flat course, quiet country lanes, views across the Severn to Wales, guns, sniffer dogs...................... Yes, it's the Oldbury Power Station 10 mile race!

This is just by way of a reminder that the entries close on 26th September and there will be no  entries on the day due to security conditions at the power station.

Happy running!


  • Any forumites doing this?

    I'll be there but working.

  • Not many 10 mile races around the Bristol area so I will be there

    As mentioned elsewhere, form printed off and ready to go.
  • usual mob of us heading there............................
  • I'd just like to point out to anyone who's worried that the guns, etc, are part of the security at the power station which is in the process of being decomissioned and not what the marshals use on the runners! image

  • Another reminder that entries have to be in by 26th and there won't be any entries on the day. image

    musketeer and jw
    I'll look forward to seeing you and the mob.

  • Did it on line in the end. Now where IS that chequebook?
  • I know exactly where it is!

    It's in a safe place. 


  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    Didn't this used to be a 30-mile event?  I'd be interested if it was.
  • T Rex
    The 30-miler was a one-off. The only race I've ever given up on and it took me a couple of years to redress the balance.

    You could always run round three times. image

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    Hmm.  Doing that I might miss the post-race festivities.
  • You could start early.
  • Only a week left to get your entries in.
  • K2 are numbers being posted or collected? nothing received in BS2
  • Numbers have been posted. You're on the list but we didn't receive the RW list until (I think) Sunday. If not with you tomorrow, ring me.
  • Musketeer

    All online entry numbers will be available for collection on the day.

  • Are the results online, yet?
  • Provisional results are up

    Just looked up last year's results and I got a PB by 6 seconds

  • Nice one Musketeer! Thanks for the heads up, too.
  • Well done, musketeer! 
  • Do you know the date of this year's (2011) Oldbury power station 10 MILE race yet please, and if so a link to where I can get the details? Thanks
  • Lynn
    The race will be on 2nd October this year. There'll be a link on  Thornbury Running Club's website.

    No entry form yet but it shouldn't be long.

  • Hi K2, please pull a few strings and get it brought forward a week, as it's only a week before Chester
  • Sorry, 2010 LBB - no can do. You could just come along to see me as I'm hoping the will be bargains to be had. image
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