Championchip rubbing

Hi again all.

Just checking out my gear for the Great North Run, and commented to a friend that my Championchip must be worn around my ankle with a pretty draconian black velcro strap - she was surpised as when she ran the London marathon her chip could be worn on her lace! That velcro strap is going to rub my ankle raw (I wear running socks that do not come up high).

Anybody found an alternative to the strap?image




  • All the races I've done have had the chip threaded on the laces. I've not heard of the ankle strap type.

    Anybody else?

  • If its a velcro strap you could attach it through the laces anyway. It should be pretty secure. I have an ID tag for my trainers with a velcro strap and doesn't cause any problems.

    How are they ever going to know if you strap it to your trainers - or indeed your wrist?

  • Winking Giraffe wrote (see)

    How are they ever going to know if you strap it to your trainers - or indeed your wrist?

    From GNR magazine:

    'your chip must be worn on your ankle - not your wrist - so it can be triggered by the timing mats. [you have to] thread your chip onto the Velcro strap and fix it to your ankle...' Both the chip and the velcro strap must be returned after the race.

    other info I have found recommends trying to find a really long sock so you can put it over the top (because they really rub) but that sounds equally grim - looking like I am wearing knee high goalie socks!

  • So if it's a mat then what's the problem with lacing the strap through your laces?
  • I've had timing chips with the velcro strap before and don't ever remember them being a problem. I certainly don't wear long socks, just normal sports-type ankle socks, and it sits quite nicely on top.

    If you're socks are really short (the trainer-liner type?), maybe wear something to protect your ankle, I'm thinking something like a sweat band. If you do the velcro strap up fairly snugly on top of that, it shouldn't move around or rub.

  • Chip information

    Check the link, should be fine threaded through your laces. Although please note that according to the do's and don't's, if you cross the finish line walking on your hands the chip won't be read image

    No shit eh?

  • Rob - hahaha...'do not cross the finish walking on your hands'...!!! They actually say that!image I have enough problem staying on my feet after 13 miles!

    It looks like it will be on my laces then. I just wonder why the organisers are so insistent that this should not be done? Perhaps they think thousands of us will slam on the anchors at the finish line and start removing our shoes, thus causing a huge runner pile-up? (another amusing image in my head)!

  • You might be right, they might have a collection area right after the finish line and want people to be quick. More fool them though, I would put it on my laces anyway, I'm sure it would be more comfy
  • LOL at the "No Walking on Hands" guideline
  • I did the GNR last year with the velcro strap around my ankle as advised and wasn't even aware of it during the race.  Good luck Sally and just enjoy the day!
  • I wore an ankle strap last April for Stratford and the sodding thing has scarred me for life!!!

    I'm not joking - there is NO WAY I am putting it on my ankle.

    I haven't really looked at my GNR pack much yet. Didn't realise it was an ankle one. Now I'm sulking...image

  • I think it was a post by you I read that made me get the GNR gear out to look at! What you gonna do?
  • Laces, I think!

    If they insist on mutilating me, I might have to put a big fabric plaster on my ankle first though.

    If I see you in Newcastle, I'll show you the scar! It's dead obvious too.....image

    Just as well my ankle modelling days are behind me...image

  • I'll keep an eye out for you and your scar! The thing is, I quite like my ankles. And my comfy Bridgedale trainer socks. So the option is to hope the chip works from my lace, or find new socks asap...image
  • I genuinely didn't notice all through the race that it had rubbed. It was only when I came to take it off I saw the blood and a pretty deep rub mark. The scabs kept getting knocked off and eventually it permanently scarred.

    My socks are not especially short, its just that the chip will inevitably move on your ankle as you run and it bloody hurt!
  • I dislike the ankle straps because they chafe me too. Haven't had to use one for a while, but I have in reserve a length of stretchy tube bandage and if I need to I'll place the chip strap over that.
  • Although, come to think of it, laydeez, I've heard that fishnet stockings are very good at stopping the ankle strap from chafing.
  • ~just in from the GSR.

    I usually thread the chip through my laces (as used to be the norm) but before the race began I was assured by the steward that it would not register my time and that I HAD to put it on my ankle.

    so i did.

    well my watch time of 1.27 will not unfortunately be official because my ankle was bleeding so much by 10 miles that I ripped it off (the chip not my ankle) and tossed it away.


  • I remember reading the info on one that told you that they would cut your laces if you attached it to the laces instead of around the ankles............

    there was no way i was going to have it around my ankles so i laced it..............I would have liked to have seen the marshall at the end who would be brave enough to cut my only took me a minute to remove it at the finish..................

    the triathlon ones use a differnt material like the wetsuit material and I find those ok.

  • I don't give two hoots about an official time now Dude - go with your watch mate! image

    You should see the state of my ankle!

    Mutts - YOU wear the stockings if you want to! I find that running in that sussie belt doesn't half rub my thighs....image

  • Thats true LB and I had a smashing day, but it seems incredible that they cannot devise a way of recording your time that does not cause you physical pain.

  • dude - I got the impression from the GNR material that it was the strap or nothing, and so it seems to be true. Hmm...

    Now I am thinking of either Muttleys bit of tubigrip (sexy) or buying some new longer socks and maybe tacking it to the side of my sock (so I can pull it off easily)? That strap is grim - I have tried just walking around the house with it on my ankle and it is annoying me.

    I am going to the Wiggle website to see if they have any funky hi tech socks that are as good as my beloved Bridgedales but higher...

  • LIVERBIRD wrote (see)

    Mutts - YOU wear the stockings if you want to! I find that running in that sussie belt doesn't half rub my thighs....image

    Maybe if we all wore hold-ups that would be ok? No sussie belt to ping and flattering to the hips. Oh no, they don't hold up. We'd look like a team of Norah Batties!
  • The picture is wrong Sally, you thread it like a watch on a strap so the strap is under the chip on your leg not over it, just re thread it.

    Thats why you have suffered the chaffing image

  • Nowt wrong with sussies, I wear mine all the time.

  • Gaz - that was a pic from the net - I know how you mean and that is how I have mine - and I have got the soft side of the velcro against me! Still feels like sandpaper though image

     Muttley. Never have I seen a finer man. image

  • So I've just tried my chip on... I've come to the conclusion I must have exceptionally fat ankles?! once The velcro is looped through the little slit I ony have about 1-2cm over overlap of the velcro... now afraid it'll come off during the event! As if that wasn't bad enough I'm also a bridgedale sock lover/chip on my skin hater... *sigh*

    Am I a contender for the fattest ankles in the GNR? image

  • Sally does it not have a flat fabric only side and a velcro material on the other side?

    Velcro Strap 

  • Kerreh wrote (see)

    Am I a contender for the fattest ankles in the GNR? image

    Nope - I have about 2 cm left too. Am researching longer but as-good-as-Bridgedales socks as I type. X socks are a possibility, but I have never heard of 'em! Wonder if they are any cop?
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