New running group in Medway

There is a new running group in Gillingham.  It has recently started up and they meet every Monday at 7pm at the Black Lion Leisure Centre.

I went tonight and it was a really good run.  There are 3 groups, fast, middle of the pack and beginners so everyone is catered for.

Tonight we did a 3.5 miler but there was the option to do shorter or longer depending on your level of fitness.

More details can be found here Run Medway



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    I know some of you are around as there have been a couple of threads recently asking about running groups in Medway.

    Come on, dont be shy

  • I have just joined this forum group. Thank you for the info on the "Medway Runners" I'm hoping to go the the Black Lion  run tonight. I need to change some plans first as I already had some arrangements for this evening.
  • Not sure if I will be there.  Got a bit of a cold after the Green Chain mara last week and I want to be fully fit for Beachy head mara in a few weeks time.

    Enjoy yourself and good luck image

  • Thanks for the contact. I don't feel that alone now! Look after your cold.
  • Blergh, thanks Phil.

    Feeling like poo but hope to be better next week.

  • I missed the run last night, I had difficulty changing a guitar lesson (Its a long story!) I will be there next Monday for sure. Where  exactly at the Black Loin do you all meet? There's lots of building work going on and the place is a maze of  errrr building stuff!
  • we meet outside the main entrance.

    I had an early night and am feeling much better now so unless something crops up I will be there next week.  Hope you see you there.

  • Look forward to it. I'll be the one looking like Billy no Mates and out of condition!!image

  • You will be fine.  image I will probably be in my thermal light grey top and black tights.

    (oh, and I'm a girl)

  • errrrr Lol! as the kids say!
  • hi
    sounds good
    what times are they running?
    need a bit of a boost seem to have had a falling out with my ipod
    and think this club could help kick start me again
    also anyone doing the grim this year?
  • I think it kicks off at 7.00. I'm getting there earlier as a first timer, and make sure I'm in the SLOW group!
  • sorry i meant times for miles
    6 min mile etc
    see you there phil
    i will be first timer as well we will be shoe gazing ones at the back
  • Ah ha!  "Times" Don't know. I'am just hoping to get round without calling a cab.
  • star cabs 01634-------
    i will keep a card on me
  • Hey BB,

    Good to see you again.

    I was running 7-8mm when I ran with the fast group.  I managed to keep them in sight.

    See you there on Monday.

    Went out for a slow plod.  I can still feel the miles in my leg from the other Sunday but I think I am slowly shaking them off now.  I think I have managed to shake off the cold.

  • good to be back
    few niggles one big one
    just got bit fed up plodding the streets
    but now have seem to finding that love again
    entered the grim for extra motivation plus its always a laugh
    see you all monday
  • Bliddy niggles.  Take care of them
  • all better now
    just grazed knees
    touch rugby
  • Touch rugby??? well its your own fault, no sympathy image
  • Hiya,

    Who is going to brave the nasty drizzly weather?

    I will be running tonight image

  • I am giving it a go.

    Might arrange to have a car stocked up with medical equipment following five yards behind me though. See you there.

  • Oooh, can you make sure you have ice and ibuprofen on it?  And a stiff brandy.

    You can spot me as I will have my pink buff on, light grey long sleeved top and black tights and I will be looking very cold

  • I'll be in a duffle coat, ski boots and russian hat.

    Kidding. Red long sleeved top. All looking sadly brand new and un run!

    I think I'm looking forward to it. I'll see about a short route though. I have been trotting 1k laps to ease my poor limbs into the trauma. 3k may be a tad ambitious.

  • Just take it easy. 
  • Thanks to Shimmy for the help in getting round and to everyone else for making me feel so welcome.

    See you all next time.

  • You did really well Phil, great running!! image

    Good luck on your tour 

  • dam missed last night
    working nights so work
    hopefully will be there next week
  • Hope to see you next week BB image
  • will do just off for a trot now
    love autumn best time to run
    and best bit about nights when you finish work its still light
    have fun all
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